Making Your Next Coffee Break Environmentally Responsible

Most of us don’t think about making a coffee break friendly for the Earth. We’re interested more in getting that caffeine rush and hopefully waking up for the rest of our day. But when you’re drinking a lot of coffee each day, you have multiple opportunities to make your coffee break good to the environment – all without having to give up your favorite cup of joe.

Your next coffee break should begin with organic or shade grown coffee in order to be kind to the Earth. These kinds of coffees are grown without pesticides and insecticides, which helps to preserve the purity of the ground water that you drink. They are also processed without a lot of machinery, thus cutting down on the energy consumption that is necessary. You can also find that these kinds of coffees will donate a part of their proceeds from your coffee break to environmental causes and organizations.

From there, you should make sure that your coffee only uses the minimum amount of water that is necessary. When you brew more coffee than you need, you’re wasting water and thus natural resources.

You will want to use only the exact amount of coffee grounds that you need for the coffee you are planning on drinking. This will help to cut down on the waste of ground as well as the wasting of energy to produce that ground coffee. If you’re grinding the beans yourself, you will save electricity by only grinding the exact amount and only grinding for the shortest amount of time possible to obtain the automatic drip consistency. Once you are done with the brewing of your coffee for your coffee break, you can then take the used grounds (once they’ve cooled) and add them to your plants and garden as a natural compost.

Of course, once you’ve brewed your coffee, you will want to make sure you’re using a mug instead of a Styrofoam or plastic cup. This mug can be used for many a coffee break instead of having to be thrown out and wasted. Styrofoam especially is horrible for the Earth as it does not biodegrade for years after it is placed into a landfill. On that same note, try not to use any stirrers or stirring sticks on your coffee break as these are not able to be used again like traditional metal spoons.

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