Lello Ariete Burr Coffee Grinder

The Lello Ariete Burr Coffee Grinder includes 16 different grind settings which provides you with options to make drip coffee in the morning and the perfect frothy Espresso in the afternoon. With its ‘quiet-as-a-mouse” and automatic features that include an easily removable Hopper, this coffee grinder will prove to be easier to use than ever.

Lello Ariete Burr Coffee Grinder

Product Description:

This inexpensive all-inclusive coffee grinder is an essential if you enjoy the great taste of freshly ground coffee beans. Many coffee grinders only allow you to grind your beans three different ways, not Lello Ariete Burr coffee grinder! With sixteen different grind settings, you can truly choose exactly how you want your coffee- at home!

The unit is made out of stainless steel and plastic so it looks great in any kitchen. Not only that, its steel foundation is steady and powerful. So is the rest of the unit at 100-watts. The grinder also includes a low RPM speed motor. This allows you to grind your coffee right before you brew it without waking up your entire house. Not only that, rest assured that the motor will not overexert. These features allow you to be reassured that the coffee grinder won’t break.

The Lello Burr coffee grinder also comes with an automatic feature and an easily removable Hopper that holds up to a ½ pound of coffee beans! The Hopper removes easily which allows you to clean it without any hassle. As well, you can set your coffee grinder to grind anywhere from 2 to 10 cups and stop automatically!


I recently had a coffee grinder that I bought at the mall because it was on sale and I really wanted to start grinding my own beans at home. It ended up breaking and because it was on sale, it was a final sale and I could not return it! I bought this coffee grinder to replace it so that I could still grind my own beans and I love it! I love the 16 different grind settings and the automatic features. I can easily set it and go do something else. I also love how quiet this machine is. The other one always woke up my entire house. I ended up having to grind my coffee beans the night before. I didn’t like that they weren’t freshly ground in the morning.


I dislike the way it looks. I am big on stainless steel and I really wish it had more of the stainless steel and less of the plastic. Other than that, it is perfect for me and my family.

The Final Verdict:

I would recommend this coffee grinder to anyone. It is a great little coffee grinder! The amount of settings this thing comes with is great. As well, the automatic feature and removable Hopper makes for a easier morning.

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