Lavazza Aroma Point EP850 is on Point with Quality and Convenience

There are versatile reasons why the Lavazza Point EP850 espresso machine is on point in terms of great taste, convenience, and an affordable price. After comparing and debating between many expensive models that cost almost double the price of this product, I decided to give it a chance. I was actually looking to find a reasonably priced machine that is reliable and brews consistently good beverages. What I found with the Lavazza Point EP850 was an amazing purchase that continues to perform well even after months of repeated use.

Lavazza Point Ep850 Aroma Point Espresso Machine

Unique Features of the Lavazza Point EP850

  • Stylish and durable stainless steel body
  • Classic red color with chrome accents
  • Perfectly compatible with Espresso Point cartridges
  • Wide variety of different beverages and flavors
  • Capacity of up to 57 ounces
  • Compact size for easy placement


Basic features of any espresso machine traditionally include the design, speed, and variety of options. The first detail that caught my eye was the classically stylish red color with decorative chrome accents. I prefer this look because it is strikingly similar to commercial models and is an elegant addition to my kitchen. The durable stainless steel housing of the Lavazza Point EP850 also helps a great deal when it comes time to clean it.

I also chose the Lavazza Point EP850 because it works perfectly with espresso point cartridges. Lavazza offers a huge selection of delicious flavors not just for espresso but also tea and cappuccinos. This is great when serving a party or group of guests who will inevitably have varying tastes. My guests always remember my parties because they were surprised to have an option to choose another beverage.

The capacity of the Lavazza Point EP850 is roughly 57 ounces which is generous enough for my household and perfect for a party. Since the operation is fast and efficient, there is no long wait required for the next batch. I spend minimal time in the kitchen and have more time to greet and carry conversation with my guests.

Why Buy the Lavazza Point EP850

  • Cost-effective
  • Includes steam wand
  • Removable water tank
  • Ideal for home or office
  • Easy and simple operations
  • Includes portafilter

The Lavazza Point EP850 also offers other reasons to buy besides the basic features. For one I have noticed that it actually uses less energy than many other models which makes it very cost-effective for my limited budget.

Another feature is the steam wand which adds to a professional presentation without the high price tags. It helps to keep beverages nice and steamy with froth to top it off. Most espresso drinkers I know cannot enjoy a cup without it. This tiny detail bridges the gap between store bought coffee and the home brewed kind.

Having an espresso machine like the Lavazza Point EP850 is also beneficial because it is simple and easy to operate with no complicated setup. It comes with a portafilter included so there is minimal maintenance required. Also, the compact size makes it perfect to conserve counter space at home but is also small enough to fit on my desk at the office.

Final Recommendation for Interested Buyers

Those who are still not sure about whether to buy the Lavazza Point EP850, consider your budget limit and how much you are willing to spend. An expensive price tag does not always guarantee quality and this espresso machine is the perfect example. I had reservations at first but after using it frequently and on a daily basis, I am confident that the Lavazza Point EP850 is a great value for an affordable price.

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