La Pavoni PAB-16 Espresso Si Black Automatic Espresso Machine

If you enjoy savoring a daily cup of fine Italian espresso like I do, then the La Pavoni PAB-16 Automatic Espresso Machine is worth the money. I purchased my machine several months ago and use it on a daily basis. After hundreds of cups of espresso and cappuccino, my machine still looks new and each espresso tastes as great as it did the day I made my first cup.

Some of the La Pavoni PAB-16 Automatic Espresso Machine features include:

  • Super Froth Attachment
  • Pressurized Portafilter
  • Cappuccino Automatic attachment
  • Shock resistant ABS plastic body
  • Removable 36-oz water tank
  • Quick two minute warm-up time

La Pavoni PAB-16 Espresso Si Black Automatic Espresso Machine

The ULKA pump of the La Pavoni PAB-16 Espresso Si Black Automatic Espresso Machine is very quiet and thus far has not jammed or clogged. I have owned espresso machines in the past that drip water after it’s done brewing or were so loud that it was impossible to make a cup of espresso if people were still asleep in the house – not so with this super quiet machine.

The fact that this machine is designed and manufactured in Italy right away told me that it is quality. The sleek black appearance makes the La Pavoni PAB-16 Automatic Espresso Machine the pride of my kitchen countertop. The machine is robust yet small enough that it sits on my counter without being intrusive. I love that finger prints don’t show like it would on other chrome or stainless steel models so there is no need to wipe it down after each use.

When I have guests this machine shows itself off nicely by not only looking like new all the time, but also heating up quickly (in two minutes!), performing quietly and making the perfect milky froth every time! The automatic frothing attachment that is included conveniently connects to the steam wand and siphons milk to blend it with steam to make the perfect froth milk – a great addition to any cappuccino. The foam is always silky smooth and so easy to make that you can make it for multiple guests in only a few minutes. The La Pavoni PAB-16 Automatic Espresso Machine actually comes with two frothing attachments: the Pannarello and the Cappuccino Automatic, which means making a latte is also much easier thanks to this incredible machine. The only downside is that there is not a lot of space between the actual machine and the drip tray, so you have to use an espresso or cappuccino cup – nothing larger.

Having said that though, when you are in need of a quick caffeine fix, the La Pavoni PAB-16 Automatic Espresso Machine is ESE pod capable – pods are great to have on hand for those moments when you don’t feel like grinding fresh beans and just want a quick espresso. They are made by some well-known espresso brands and the La Pavoni PAB-16 Espresso Automatic Espresso Machine works well enough that you might not even notice that the espresso is from a pod!

Avid espresso and cappuccino drinkers will appreciate the La Pavoni PAB-16 Automatic Espresso Machine’s state-of-the-art pressurized coffee handle that allows you to use any type or ground of coffee and still achieve triple the volume of “crema” normally made by other home espresso machines.

On top of the mouth-watering espresso this machine produces every time, cleaning this machine is also very easy. The large 36 ounce water tank is removable from the side of the machine. Simply hand wash in soap and water regularly to ensure great tasting espresso. What’s more the tank is large enough to hold enough water for 16 shots of espresso which means you do not have to constantly refill the tank. If you are an avid espresso drinker, the La Pavoni PAB-16 Automatic Espresso Machine won’t disappoint you – cup after tasty cup!

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