La Pavoni PA 35 Pisa Automatic Espresso Machine The Perfect Pal

La Pavoni PA 35 Espresso Machine is my new found pal thanks to my husband who had gotten it for my birthday. I don’t really see whether it is for me or more for him at first since he needs his cup of coffee early every morning before hitting the road to work. Then after having used it for the last couple of months, I am just so grateful to receive it!

The espresso machine and I instantly hit it off the moment I unwrapped and removed it from its box. My new pal is a pump espresso machine and comes from Italy with an elegant refined body made of triple-plated chrome. It is designed by Carlo Galizzi who is well-known in Europe for his architectural designs in the fields of lighting.

La Pavoni PA 35 Pisa Automatic Espresso Machine great espresso all the time!

La Pavoni PA 35 product features:

  • A quiet ULKA pump for 16 bars of pressure
  • An automatic pressurized filter holder
  • A metal body with removable side-loading transparent 1.3L water tank
  • Quick manual or automatic cappuccino frothing
  • Initial warm up time is a quick 2 minutes
  • Special filter for single cups of coffee in pods

Not only is it a beauty sitting on my kitchen countertop in a compact size measuring 10″ by 11″ by 16″, the La Pavoni PA 35 Pisa espresso machine also functions beautifully too! It has turned into the perfect conversation piece every time my girlfriends dropped by for a get-together on top of the unending flows of delicious espressos, cappuccinos and lattes at their beckon.

The espresso machine is easy to use with simple to follow instructions and if I have not been mistaken, I do sense a little bit of regrets from hubby since he has to make his own coffee these days. It is so simple that any coffee drinking novice will know how to operate it in a jiffy. Thanks to him I wake up to the smell of coffee permeating the whole house every morning.

The La Pavoni combines art form and a cutting edge functionality that works well in almost any kitchen. It will of course complement the most modern kitchen decors. However, the true beauty of this coffee-making machine does not depend on its aesthetic value but the deliciously aromatic brews of espresso and cappuccino served from it. The pumps works fairly quiet to produce powerful steaming capabilities that pulls off great shots coupled with beautiful crème. With this machine, I can choose to use pre-ground coffee or the pods and still obtain some of the best tasting espresso coffee.

With the La Pavoni PA 35, I can add water to the tank at any time whether it “on” or “off” while I appreciate that the water heats up fairly quickly too. A full tank can easily give me up to 20 cups of espresso or cappuccinos. Cappuccino frothing on the espresso machine is quick and easy with the frothing attachment that’s mounted onto the unit. I have two options to either go manual or automatic as the system draws the milk directly out of a container and aerates it into the cup. Not only is it more hygienic, it also optimistically prevents scalding of the milk before frothing.

The La Pavoni PA 35 Pisa Automatic Espresso Machine is certainly a big welcome change in my household routine. I don’t need to spend my girlie time with friends at the cafes these days and all the savings on our varied orders of lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos or flat whites can now go towards buying premium coffee beans or pods for everyone to enjoy together. It is also as good a reason for me to pick up on my baking skills too!

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