Krups XP4600 Espresso Machine Makes Perfect Grades

After a stressful search and comparison between countless different machines, the Krups XP4600 Art Collection was the one that made the perfect grades for my high standards. Most avid coffee drinkers that have tried many different models over the years should definitely give this one a shot because not is the price extremely fair but there are many features to enjoy. Before spending more on pricey models, see what the Krups XP4600 espresso machine has to offer.

Product Features

  • High quality tamp system
  • Stainless steel with chrome and wood
  • 15-bar pump pressure
  • Advanced ThermoBlock system
  • Programmable settings

Krups XP4600 Art Collection Espresso Machine

Many different machines offer similar features but the Krups XP4600 is stylish and coordinates well with a stainless steel body and chrome with wood accents. This initially caught my eye but my decision was more confirmed when I discovered the powerful 15-bar pump pressure. The Krups XP4600 is equipped to brew faster without causing the grounds to burn. Even expensive models I have owned have a hint of bitter flavor because of the fast brew so it was surprising to find no trace of burnt taste at all.

Another feature of the Krups XP4600 espresso machine is the top of the line tamp system. This ensures that the grounds are precisely compressed to provide a uniformed brew every single time. Most models I have tried do not offer the same consistency as this espresso machine does. The most beneficial factor about its’ speedy operation is when I have a large party of guests over for dinner. I spend minimal time brewing in the kitchen and guests are almost never without a beverage.

The Krups XP4600 also comes equipped with an advanced ThermoBlock system that makes preheating a cinch. The machine is also surprisingly quiet considering how fast it works. Even during the early morning hours when the rest of my household is asleep, I can start my day without worrying about waking them. Each morning is that much better with minimal delays to the first cup of the day.

More Reasons to Choose the Krups XP4600

— Universal filter holder
— Built-in nozzle for frothing
— Easy cleaning and maintenance
— Simple setup and operations

Basic features are not enough to seal the deal for me but the Krups XP4600 Art Collection offers more reasons to buy than similar models. The setup is easy right out of the box and the operations are simple to learn. I have many tried expensive models that require complicated settings before being able to enjoy a cup so this was a refreshing change.

Another reason to love the Krups XP4600 espresso machine is that it also comes with a built-in nozzle for steaming and frothing milk. This helps it to measure up with professional equipment and works perfectly without any spills. There is minimal cleaning involved even with a large group of people which requires constant use.

The Krups XP4600 espresso machine is well-designed and extremely durable. Considering it packs a lot of power, it is quite small and compact. This is helpful when rearranging the kitchen to make more space on the counter. There was more room to fit another small appliance when I replaced my old model with the Krups XP4600.

Is the Krups XP4600 Right for You?

Depending on your personal preferences in an espresso machine, the Krups XP4600 could be a great product for your needs. If you are looking to find a durable model that does not cost nearly as much as others but also want to have a full line of features then this is the espresso machine to buy. With minimal cleaning and a built-in frothing nozzle, the Krups XP4600 does more than most coffee drinkers expect.

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