Krups XP420050 Perfecto Espresso Machine

I had been comparing espresso makers for some time before I bought the Krups Perfecto Espresso machine. When I found this one, I figured I couldn’t go wrong. I wanted it for the office because I often work late and need an energy boost around 5:00 pm when everyone was leaving for home. The price is what sold me. It is so inexpensive for an espresso machine; I really thought they had mislabeled it. I almost felt like a thief.

Krups XP420050 Perfecto Espresso Machine with Precise Tamp

Krups XP420050 Perfecto Espresso Machine product features:

  • LCD screen for setting size, strength and quantity
  • 1450 watt temperature heating with 15 bars of pressure
  • Use option of beans or pods
  • Universal filter holder
  • No mess cake ejection


I’ve had other Krups products and they were always made well. I had no doubt that the same would be true with the Krups Perfecto Espresso machine. Between the price and the name, I felt comfortable giving this one a try. I ran two batches of coffee through before I made one for actual serving purposes. The coffee was excellent and the machine behaved just as it should.

More Features of the Krups XP420050

  • Precise tamp system by Krups
  • Multi-directional frothing nozzle
  • Removable water tank
  • Water level window
  • Removable drip tray for easy cleaning


My inaugural run with the multi-directional nozzle in making a latte, was an adventure in dynamics. It is very sensitive and moves further than I expected with just a bit of motion. Some of the cream dressed the carpet right away but once I got the hang of it, I was able to make a creamy, frothy latte just the way I like it. I occasionally use the Krups Perfecto Espresso machine to make a cappuccino but I don’t like really sweet beverages while I’m working.

I have a tamping machine at home and expected this tamp to operate the same way. The tamp on this one is slightly different and I really like it better. It’s a matter of filling it, rotating the handle and when it stops, push the button to make the coffee. I realize that connoisseurs prefer tamping it themselves, but I prefer the machine doing the work. This push button tamp device on the Krups Perfecto Espresso machine really makes consistently good coffee with very little difference in flavor. One of my favorite features is the water window. It’s so hard to tell how much water remains in your machine without it and most don’t have a window.

My machine at home does not have the cake ejector that this Krups Perfecto Espresso machine does. I didn’t expect it to work all the well since the cake is so sticky and compact. To my delight it worked perfect. I didn’t have any back spatter on my hands from tamping, which is one annoyance I have with my machine at home.

I use the pods at work just because I can keep them in my desk without taking up a lot of room. I like the option of being able to use the pods or the beans. I plan to try beans next week when I have a meeting with the area directors. I have been pushing the company leaders to go green whenever possible in their districts and the Krups Perfecto Espresso machine saving on coffee and filters supports my case. What they don’t realize is that it saves money by skipping the expensive coffee shops. I can buy a pound of coffee for two lattes at my local shop.

I don’t know if I happened to find an espresso machine that was mismarked or not. I know that I ran to the register to pay for it. I have seen similar machines for three and four times the price in the same store. I do know that I am happy with my Krups Perfecto Espresso machine.

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