Krups XP2280 Combi Espresso and Coffee Machine

My husband and I are big coffee drinkers. However, he loves espresso and I like regular coffee. We have had a coffee maker and espresso maker battle on the kitchen counter for years. At one point, I got a little jealous because his espresso maker took up more room than my coffee machine. So, I went out and bought a larger one. My coffee machine broke a few months ago and I went to replace it. That’s when I stumbled headlong onto the combination Krups XP2280 Espresso & Coffeemaker. We now have one machine on the counter that does both jobs at the same time.

Krups XP2280 Espresso & Coffeemaker product features

Espresso Machine Side:

  • Thermo lock system for faster brewing
  • Krups patented precise tamp
  • Push button cake ejector

Krups XP2280 Combi Espresso and Coffee Machine

I admit, I surprised my husband by putting his machine away and setting up this combination Krups XP2280 Espresso & Coffeemaker. I had my fingers crossed hoping it made good espresso or we’d need to build another counter for the machines.

As luck would have it, the espresso machine does make a good cup of espresso. The Krups “precise tamp” is very easy to use. My husband puts the grounds in, turns the handle and pushes a start button. It has a frothy nozzle too on the espresso side of the machine. It makes a good froth and is multi-directional. The side-by-side operation of the Krups XP2280 Espresso & Coffeemaker lets my husband make espresso and I make coffee at the same time. Of all the features, I think I enjoy that the most.

Coffeemaker Side:

  • 10-cup capacity coffee maker
  • Pause and Serve
  • Non-stick warming plate
  • Programmable Wake-Up setting
  • Operates independently from espresso side

The heating element on the Krups XP2280 Espresso & Coffeemaker stays at the same constant temperature. The coffeemaker side has a non-stick warmer plate, which I admit I didn’t think was that big a deal. I love it! The heat doesn’t scorch the plate, which in turn doesn’t scorch the coffee. So no matter how long the pot sits, the coffee doesn’t get that burned taste.

The coffee filter basket is cone-shaped. I have always thought that the cone shape helped the grinds get evenly saturated during the brewing process. I didn’t even check that when I bought the Krups XP2280 Espresso & Coffeemaker.

My husband’s now hidden espresso maker was so mechanical! I’ve watched him make espresso several times and it appears as easy as making the coffee on my side. He tells me that it’s idiot proof and then, had the nerve to ask if I wanted to try. I didn’t try that day just on principle; but, I have tried it since. He let me use an ESE pod so that I didn’t have to grind the beans. The idiot managed to make espresso in the Krups XP2280 Espresso & Coffeemaker all on her own!

The wake of compressed grinds that are left after you brew espresso is really messy when you have to dump it and clean the holder. I don’t mind this at all. In spite of the fact that the man in the house makes and drinks the espresso, the lady of the house still gets the honor of cleaning up after him. The Krups XP2280 Espresso & Coffeemaker has a push-button ejector for the grinds cake, and it pops out cleanly.

Espresso has a different taste to it. My husband tells me that it is because of the foam and coloration. Whatever makes it taste the way it does, it works for me. I haven’t had a change of heart. I’m sticking with my side of the coffee machine.

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