Krups XP2070 Programmable Combination Machine

“Brew Your Own Coffee and Espresso Anytime of the Day”

The Krups XP2070 Programmable Combination Machine 10 cup Coffee Maker & 15-bar Pump Espresso is a new machine from Krups that has a double function. It can simultaneously be a coffee maker and an espresso maker too. This is something that coffee enthusiasts would enjoy having around.

The Krups XP2070 Programmable Combination Machine has a large glass carafe that can make up to 10 cups of coffee. The other features of this coffee maker include an anti-drip system, detachable filter holder and an optional water filtration.

The espresso part of this machine is a 15-bar pressure system that has a thermo-block heating element. You can use ground espresso or ESE pods that are pre-portioned in this machine.

Krups XP2070 Programmable 10-Cup coffee maker 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine
The Krups XP2070 Programmable Combination Machine; 10 cup Coffee Maker & 15-bar Pump Espresso allows you to program features such as the strength and size of your espresso, your wake up coffee, hot water and steam function, digital clock, and also the aroma selector that is used for brewing small servings of coffee.

The Krups XP2070 Programmable Combination Machine has an attractive brushed stainless steel finish and a blue LED display that lights up. The machine also comes with a cup warmer and a drip tray. It has a very modern looking design that is perfect for any contemporary kitchen. The stainless steel finish looks very sleek and elegant, a good addition to any household. This heavy-duty machine weights 190 pounds and its dimensions are 13.6 x 11.5 x 12.8 inches.

The advantage of the Krups XP2070 Programmable Combination Machine is that you can use it for entertaining a large group of people. The capacity of its water tank is 32 ounces and it is big enough to brew 25 servings of espresso and 10 cups of coffee at the same time.

Problems with the Krups XP2070 Programmable Combination Machine:

The major complaint with the Krups XP2070 Programmable Combination Machine is that it is kind of complicated to use. Some people had a difficult time getting it to work even after reading the manual. There are a lot of steps involved in making a simple shot of espresso. Some even said that the programming feature of the Krups XP2070 Programmable Combination Machine is not user-friendly. This is not a machine that is easy to use.

Another complaint with the Krups XP2070 Programmable Combination Machine 10 cup Coffee Maker & 15-bar Pump Espresso maker is that it could get kind of noisy when you make espresso. This is somewhat of a nuisance when you have people around. But users have said that compared to other combination-type machines, the Krups XP2070 Programmable Combination Machine is a good investment.


  1. Very Noisy Yes, but never knowing whether you are going to get a few drops of expresso or overrunning the cup on the next round. But it gets better, I bought one for my parents not so fancy the one with a switch expresso and cafe, stopped working after 3 months. they threw it out. Mine after only 9 months has completely died. water leeking out when the overflow tray would not be full. I cant find my receipt and bed bath and beyond has completely stopped carrying krups. krups doesnt even make the combo anymore and I am 429.00 without… what a disappointment. BOOOOOOO KRups….longing at cuzinart now and plan to tell everyone what a money hungry disappointment this ppor investment was.

  2. I absolutely agree: using this machine is far more complicated and nonintuitive than it should be. However, even worse are design problems (Some examples, and there are more, are: the hinge on the drip side is thin plastic that warped from the heat, got stuck, and snapped; if the carafe is not perfectly aligned with the filter coffee drips out onto the heater and counter, yet there is no indication of when the carafe is or is not aligned).

    We gave up routinely using the espresso side because it was so awkward to use. After probably no more that two or three dozen cups the pressure valves failed. Based on web comments, this is very common.

    I don’t like to use words like “junk” in reviewing products, but given the high, high cost of the Krups 2070 calling it junk is being kind.

  3. I have the same problem as several of the other comments. When making coffee my machine leaks water out of the back about 50% of the time, and sometimes it leaks coffee also. Krup will give no advice except to ship the whole unit to their repair shop so you get to pay for shipment both ways.

  4. We’ve had ours for a year and use it very sparingly… Whenever we make coffee, all of the water leaks out the bottom or the back. Has anyone else experienced this?

  5. I have had this machine for about 3 years now and have had no problems until the past month. When making coffee, the bottom leaks at least 2 cups worth of water onto our kitchen counter. I have tried cleaning, descaling, etc but nothing has helped. Time for a new machine.

  6. I just bought the xp2070 and my question is…am I suppose to put the metal filters in the expresso handle and if so, how?

  7. I’ve got the espresso down but I’ve thrown away more milk trying to froth it. How long do I have to wait for the valid button to come on. All the frother does is pour hot water on my counter.

  8. I recently bought the XP2070. I would prefer to make 3 cups or shots of espresso instead of the two. My earlier version which was a lesser model could make 3 or 4 shots. Is that possible on this one? Also, I can not figure out how to froth the milk. You would think it could all be done within the same cycle but do you have to perform two different tasks for espresso and then frothing? thanks!

  9. I have a new machine and have the same problem with the drip tray filling with water on the esspresso side. It seems to be originating inside the machine somewhere. Any suggestions as to how to correct would be helpful

  10. Shaggy – on the espresso side, where is the water coming from before it gets to the drip tray? Can you see it getting in on the outside? Or is it originating inside the machine somewhere?

  11. One year into our Krups xp2070 and both the esspresso side and coffee side are having major issues. The coffee side leaks half the water from the bottom onto our kitchen floor and the other half makes coffee. The espresso side dumps water into the drip tray and until full and then onto the floor. Any idea on how to fix as I am sure the warentee is up.

  12. The XP2070 works great until the bypass valves fail and then the espresso maker will send all the water to the drip tray. This is a major problem on this machine.

  13. Ensure water is in left hand removable receptacle.
    Switch on machine (Left hand on/off button).
    Remove espresso handle and select size of filter – one cup or two cup. Fill filter with coffee and tamp down. Replace handle to machine and press second button down once for single filter size or twice for double filter size. This will then initiate brew. (ensure cup is underneath of course).
    When done, you will hear a beep.
    Press bottom left hand button to initiate steam function. Display will read “Valid” when ready.
    Press same button again to start steamer. Press a third time to stop it.

    Hope this helps.

  14. I have just recently bought one .and I have to agree with the above mentioned I am having some difficulty using the espresso side of the machine .I sure could use some helpful suggestions or steps that may not be covered in the instruction manual regarding making espresso.This would be greatly appreciated .Thanks

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