Review Krups KT600 Art Collection Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker

The Krups KT600 Art Collection thermal coffeemaker is a surprisingly good find among many other machines similar to this one. I have tried countless others but one or another major factor eventually becomes an issue. This elegant little carafe coffeemaker is compact enough to fit anywhere in my kitchen or bar counter yet fast enough when making beverages for family and friends. Since many others also have a difficult time making a decision between countless products like the Krups KT600 coffeemaker, here is a detailed rundown on the machine.

Krups KT600 Art Collection Thermal Carafe Coffeemaker
Notable Product Features

  • Capacity of 10 European cups
  • Easy to see when a refill is needed
  • Thermal carafe keeps coffee fresh
  • Anti-drip to minimize required cleaning
  • Attractive stainless steel and chrome design

The first thing that caught my eye was the attractive stainless steel body because of the contrasting design that is modern and elegant. The simplistic design of the Krups KT600 Art Collection thermal coffeemaker is just the beginning to a long list of features. Often times, different members of the household do not need their coffee during the same hours so the thermal carafe helped a lot. I was able to keep the pot warm and fresh as if it were just brewed. The capacity of 10 European cups is an ideal amount to satisfy cravings throughout the day.

In terms of maintenance, I always look for convenient features simply because my morning time is severely limited just like many others. The anti-drip design helps to minimize stains around the machine which work well when it the time comes to clean. The Krups KT600 coffeemaker makes it simple to enjoy a refreshing cup without having to constantly wipe around it. When the water is running low, you can easily see it through the meter on the side of the machine.

Design Comparison

Considering I paid a more than reasonable price for the Krups KT600 coffeemaker, I am getting plenty of compliments about how elegant and expensive it looks. The chrome body coordinates well with anything in the kitchen and is also easy to wipe down when cleaning. Another great thing about its design is the minimal space it requires on the counter. I’m confident that most people do not have ample space to work with in the kitchen so it is helpful to find efficient machines.

Tweaks to Perfection

Though I am happy with the coffeemaker overall, there are a tweak or two I would like in order to meet perfection. If there was a temperature gauge or some other way to remind me that the carafe keeps the coffee quite warm for hours then I wouldn’t as easily forget. On occasion, being in a rush can make you forget how hot the coffee is so having a reminder would be nice.
But actually, this feature is not found on most machines like this one. Another step to perfection would be an option to use a glass carafe like most people are used to but this would likely compromise the warmth.

Grading the Taste

In terms of taste, I consider myself to be a picky coffee drinker but the Krups KT600 Art Collection thermal coffeemaker made the grade for me. Though the process is quick and powerful, there is no bitter taste at all, only high quality coffee. To further test my purchase, I invited friends and family over for a small brunch and served coffee. My guests were also impressed with the quality and adamantly asked for seconds. The Krups KT600 coffeemaker added significant points to my kitchen décor as well.


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