Krups KM9008 Coffee Maker is Brewing Made Smart

The Krups KM9008 coffee maker is nothing like I had expected at all. I decided to try this machine because it was much more affordable than some models which were double the price. After using it for months continuously, I am convinced that this coffee maker can do a better job than pricier ones. Also, there are more features than you would expect from a price so reasonable. Aside from the attractive price tag, the Krups KM9008 coffee maker also looks very chic and sophisticated.

It does not look overtly fancy but still coordinates well with my kitchen with its’ all black body and smooth polished finish. After using it just a few times, I discovered many features than my old machines and expensive models do not offer.

Krups KM9008 Cup On Request 12 Cup Coffee Maker
Product Features

  • Generous 12-cup capacity
  • Patented Warming technology
  • Customizable volume
  • Removable water reservoir
  • Easy to see water window


The Krups KM9008 offers a nice amount of 12-cups in capacity and is equipped with patented technology that warms the brew without continuing to burn the grounds. There is also customizable volume so you can use tall or short cups and mugs. This is great for a family like mine because each member has their own favorite mug and of all different sizes.

The stylish Krups KM9008 also includes a removable water reservoir which is perfect for refilling and easy cleaning. Also, the front-facing water window makes it easy to tell when a refill is needed. There is no need for me to look over the entire unit and to the rear where most water tanks are inconveniently located.

Other Unique Features

  • Small and compact in size
  • Countdown brew timer
  • Dual programming options
  • Adjustable and removable drip tray
  • Straight and smooth dispensing


After taking testing out the basic features of the Krups KM9008 coffee maker, I also took advantage of other unique benefits of this machine. For one, it is extremely compact in size yet does not compromise in speed or quality. It seems to work faster than my older model which took up over twice the counter space in my kitchen.

With the Krups KM9008 coffee maker, there is also a handy countdown timer. This helps you to know instantly when the brew was made. This helps me a lot when I have guests over and want to serve coffee but cannot remember when I last made the current batch. The timer helps me to save the embarrassment of serving coffee that is stale or over a day old.

This coffee maker operates much better than many others because the dispensing on the Krups KM9008 is a smooth and steady stream. This helps to prevent needless stains on my kitchen counter or the unit from excessive splashing or sputtering. Another reason to try this model is the dual programming options. This means that I can set my machine to brew one way on weekdays and another on weekends. So far, I have not seen even expensive coffee makers offer this feature.

Lastly, the Krups KM9008 coffee maker makes it convenient to brew coffee even multiple times a day. Most of the time, I refrain from using my old machine too often because of how quickly it becomes dirty. But with this product, I can brew as often as I’d like because the 3-level drip tray is removable. This machine allows me to adjust the tray to various cup sizes but is also dishwasher-proof for the ultimate easy cleaning process. Before spending way too much for a supposedly high quality model, consider how the Krups KM9008 can meet all of your standards for less.


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