Krups KM7000 Grind and Brew 10 cup coffee maker

The Krups KM7000 Grind and Brew 10 cup coffee maker features an automatic conical burr grinder, which custom grinds the coffee beans to match the strength setting selected on the machine. This machine has a built in water filtration system as well.

Product Description:

The Krups KM7000 Grind and Brew features 1000 watts of conical burr power that turns slowly to produce the ultimate coffee grounds that are just perfect for the brewing strength selected on the machine. After grinding, the brew basket lid automatically closes to protect the grinder from the steam while brewing, and the machine can be set to produce from two to 10 cups of coffee, all brewed in the right quantities. This machine has a 10-cup glass carafe that is dishwasher safe.
Krups KM7000 10 cup Grind and Brew coffee maker with conical burr grinder
Besides producing the perfect cup of coffee, the Krups KM7000 Grind and Brew has anti-drip interrupt valve so you can slip a cup out while still brewing, as well as LCD display clock and programmable timer.


The Krups KM7000 Grind and Brew is finally a machine that works exceptionally well to produce a fantastically brewed cup of coffee that is fresh and aromatic. The machine itself is well built and sturdy and although the hinges are plastic, they are rugged. It is easy to use, easy to program, and easy to clean up, and is surprisingly reliable at offering quality at a reasonable price.

The machine is relatively quick brewing and in not counter invasive, having a small footprint for what it accomplishes, yet it has a high tech appearance and LCD display with lots of useful information.


The Krups KM7000 Grind and Brew coffee makers biggest drawback is that the grinder sprays grounds on the counter if the lid is not latched all the way open when grinding and the other is the clock, which displays in military time which takes some getting use to.

The Final Verdict:

The Krups KM7000 Grind and Brew produces an excellent cup of coffee and it does it automatically making this coffee maker a good investment for the dollars spent. For an all in one unit, grinder and brew machine, it does an excellent job.

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