Krups KM-5055 Automatic Drip Coffee Maker Meets Excellence for Cheap

At first, I did not expect the Krups KM-5055 automatic drip Coffee Maker would amount to so much value, not because of how it looks but because it is significantly cheaper than other machines like it. I was looking for an affordable, functioning, and fair quality Coffee Maker that can do a decent job each morning. What I discovered was a well-made product that offered everything it should, only more. It just about works the same as the expensive model I recently threw out because it broke after three months, which is why I opted to buy a cheap one instead. Paying a high price doesn’t always mean a good product and here’s how the Krups KM-5055 automatic drip Coffee Maker meets my excellent quality standards.

Krups KM-5055 Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

Product Details

  • Revolutionary PowerBrew technology
  • Water filtration with DuoFilter system
  • Quality LCD screen for easy operation
  • Basket integrated with Auto-Lift feature
  • Customizable for weekdays and weekends
  • Glass carafe with capacity of 12 cups
  • Options to pause and start pouring

High Quality is Key

The key to buying any machine that will contribute to the start of each good or bad day is to evaluate the quality. The most important factor in my humble opinion is the taste of the coffee. From the first time I tried the Krups KM-5055 automatic drip Coffee Maker, I immediately pause to check if there is any remnants of bitterness. But there was none and I prefer it over buying coffee on my way to work. Not only did I buy this machine for dirt cheap compared to other prices out there but I also save money by making my own coffee.

Many other high-end models I have seen do not have some of the features the Krups KM-5055 automatic drip Coffee Maker has. For starters, this machine has auto-lift and DuoFilter design to maintain great taste even after countless uses. Another important factor I look for is how long the wait is because morning time is scarce. The Krups KM-5055 has PowerBrew technology and works on average 25% faster than other Coffee Makers.

Time is Of the Essence

A bonus that I found with the Krups KM-5055 automatic drip Coffee Maker over various other brands and models was the time setting feature. Certainly all machines now have some sort of automatic off technology but the Krups KM-5055 takes it a step further. I can set this Coffee Maker to start at one time on weekdays when I have to work and another on off days. Be forewarned it does take time to shake off the reflex from years of going to the Coffee Maker each Friday night to turn it off.

Testing Throughout Time

I have been using the Krups KM-5055 automatic drip Coffee Maker for few months now and the parts are like new. After paying a ton of money for a shoddy model you learn to realize that quality doesn’t always come with the high price tags. The LCD screen is still bright with high-contrast so there is never a problem seeing the display. Also, the filtration is going strong and removes the “tap” taste from the water.

Who Would Love the Krups KM-5055

I would recommend that those would love a great deal should go with the Krups KM-5055 automatic drip Coffee Maker. The price is a steal for the basic features alone but the helpful additions like options to pause and pour along with a capacity of 12 cups, this machine fits perfectly for everyday use or when hosting dinners. Those who like to sleep in on weekends can also benefit from the separate weekend and weekday settings available on the Krups KM-5055


  1. Roberts Krups sure did make a brand that still makes a brew that gets most people’s morning going! Glad you discovered the Krups brand. They really do make a good product, and another great thing about them is that if something minor goes wrong with them, there are places that specialize in replacing krups parts

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