Krups Coffee Makers

Krups coffee makers, now world renowned for their precision quality and functional design, began in a small forge in Solingen, Westphalia in 1846. The owner, Josua Kortz, employed a number of friends and family members, including his nephew, Robert Krups. Krups eventually took over the forge and moved it from Wald to nearby Solingen and began work to transform the company from a small forge doing mostly local work to a major factory, importing metal products to Switzerland and Holland. The company became well-known as makers of high quality precision scales. By 1900, the company was already known for its attention to detail and the high quality workmanship that would carry Krups Manufacturing through the entire century.

The company was hit hard during World War II, but the third generation of the Krups family decided to gamble on relaunching the company after the war ended. The gamble paid off as the lean – only thirty employees – company featured a couple of very talented people. Company lawyer Karl Korner, was very adept at anticipating the needs and desires of the post World War society, and Fritz Krups, a technician and engineer was adept at transforming Korner’s ideas into innovative products that captured the attention of the German market.

After nearly 110 years of manufacturing scales and needles, the company took a bold step in another direction. In 1956, Krups Ideal launched its first line of Krups coffee grinders. Korner had gauged the market perfectly. Krups sold 1 million Krups coffee grinders in the product’s first year. Krups followed up its success with the introduction of the first Krups coffee makers in 1961. The Onko line of Krups coffee makers is still manufactured as the Krups T8 coffee makers, and the very first model is still available in the Krups catalog as model F468, a Krups coffee maker that has stood the test of time.

By 1983, Krups was a well-established name in the European coffee maker market. That year, the company took another step forward with the introduction of its first line of espresso makers. Within a few short years, Krups had expanded its line of espresso machines to include steam machines and pump driven Krups espresso machines, and eventually added electronically programmable models and combination coffee makers and espresso machines.

In 1994, Krups introduced yet another innovation when they partnered with food giant Nestle to introduce the Nespresso line of espresso and coffee makers. And in 2008, the company launched its latest Krups coffee machine, the Krups Nescafe Dolce Gusto, the Krups entry into the single serve coffee brewer market. The Dolce Gusto is available in Red, White and Black and features an all-in-one capsule brewing system that allows you to make perfect coffee every time.

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  1. I bought a Krups espresso machine in 1981 and have used it twice a day since then. It finally died last year, as well as my Krups coffee grinder this year. These are the best products ever, and I will buy nothing else because you have a superior product. Thank you very much. Nem

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