Kitchen Selectives CM-688 Single Serve

When I bought the Kitchen Selectives CM-688 coffee maker, I was on a super-tight budget, and the twenty-five dollar price for the single-serve machine (along with the idea of not wasting coffee to make full pots I couldn’t finish) hit just the right note. It’s a cute little unit, not much bigger than my coffee mug, really–which is fitting, since it brews twelve ounces at a time directly into my mug in the morning. I get to use the ground coffee of my choice with this single serve, meaning I’m not paying for the pricey individualized packets required by some coffee machines. Having to buy “pods” or inserts would have defeated the purpose of buying an inexpensive machine in the first place.

Kitchen Selectives CM-688 Single Serve

Kitchen Selectives CM-688 coffee maker Product Features:

  • Brews one 12-ounce cup at a time
  • Permanent coffee filter
  • Flip-top access to water reservoir
  • Simple on/off switch
  • Removable drip tray for easy cleaning


I’ve been glad, through several moves through apartments with small kitchens, for the fact that my Kitchen Selectives CM-688 coffee maker doesn’t use up a lot of my counter space. It’s a quick clean-up with a damp washcloth, and brews fairly quickly. When it comes to my second cup in the morning, it’s not quite as quick as if I was pouring a second cup from an already-made pot, but I do have the advantage of enjoying the freshly-made cup, instead of one that has been sitting on the burner for a while. I will say that the Kitchen Selectives CM-688 coffee maker operates loudly. If my apartment slept another person, I think the coffee machine might actually wake them up–but I’m supposing that most people who want a single-serve coffee machine don’t have a second person around who would be bothered by the machine’s noise.

One of the things I love is the fact that I don’t need a technology degree (in fact, didn’t even need to read the instructions) to operate the Kitchen Selectives CM-688 coffee maker. Plug it in, pour in the water, measure some coffee into the filter, and turn it on. That’s right–it’s just a simple on/off switch. I’m sure some people enjoy the complex control panels that allow them to fine tune every aspect of their coffee cup, but I’m not a techie, and I just like to turn my coffee machine ON. Mission accomplished!

I also use the Kitchen Selectives CM-688 pretty regularly for hot water as well. I’ve made my tea, instant oatmeal, cocoa, and used it on occasion for hot water for cleaning up in the kitchen. Speaking of cleaning up, this little number is super easy to clean. Its small size and lack of buttons and displays make for a quick wipe-down, the drip tray lifts out for either a wipe down or to put in the dishwasher, and the permanent coffee filter just rinses out between dishwasher runs, and I just put it in the dishwasher when it’s ready to run.

All in all, my Kitchen Selectives CM-688 coffee maker was inexpensive for the purchase itself, and I love how inexpensively I can use it. No need to buy disposable filters, no need to buy specialized single-serve coffee pods, and no need to make a full pot of coffee that I’d end up throwing away. For a single coffee drinker on a tight budget, the Kitchen Selectives CM-688 coffee maker turns out to be a great solution.


  1. Hello! I, too, have this single-serve coffee maker and I love it!! I agree with everything you said. I do have one problem, though. Tonight, I was doing a load in the dishwasher and the permanent filter fell to the bottom of the dishwasher and I think it’s now ruined. Do you know if a replacement filter is available? Thanks!

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