Keurig Rivo Cappuccino and Latte System Review

The Keurig Rivo R500 is the single serve coffee giant’s first foray into the world of espresso and cappuccino. It combines the superior quality of Lavazza coffee with the convenience that has become Keurig’s trademark.

The result is an outstanding machine that delivers excellent espresso and perfectly frothed milk so you can brew café quality lattes and cappuccinos at home.

In the Box

In the box, you’ll get the Keurig Rivo R500 machine, a hefty machine with an impressive footprint, instruction manual, coupons and recipes, 12-pack of Rivo espresso packs.

Keurig Rivo R500 Cappuccino and Latte System Review


  • Pod brewer uses proprietary espresso capsules
  • 15-bar pump for authentic espresso brewing
  • Integrated milk frother uses your choice of fresh milk
  • 2 espresso sizes – 1.4 oz. short or 2.8 oz. lungo
  • 3 frothing modes: steam for lattes, froth for cappuccinos, cold for frothing without heat
  • 14.25” high to fit comfortably under standard kitchen cabinets
  • Brews authentic espresso in less than a minute
  • Touch button simplicity – drop in a capsule, put your cup under the spout and press the button to get espresso in less than a minute
  • Uses Lavazza coffee capsules in sealed packs for precise measurement every time
  • 60-ounce removable water reservoir
  • Fold-down tray for small espresso cups

The Controls

The Keurig Rivo R500 features a top-mounted control panel with backlist rubber buttons. The controls couldn’t be any simpler. There are two large buttons for brewing: one for a short espresso, one for a lungo.

A row of three buttons above the brew buttons allow you to choose from three frothing modes: steam, froth and cold froth. None of the buttons are programmable – the machine is made to be simple and user friendly.

The Frother

Unlike many single serve espresso brewers that claim to make cappuccinos, the Rivo does not use cream or froth pods. Instead, the Rivo features a dedicated automatic milk steaming station. The heavy plastic pitcher fits into the platform easily. It is marked with MAX and MIN fill lines to guide measurements. The frother is simple to use and will froth any type of milk, including soy milk and almond milk, so that you can customize your espresso to your liking.


The Rivo R500 consistently delivers good espresso with thick, rich crema in every shot. The machine heats to ready within about 2 minutes of turning it on, and brews a single shot (a short espresso) in just about a minute. A lungo takes twice as long.

The milk frothing station is also ready to steam or froth milk within two minutes of placing the pitcher into place (while the machine is on, of course). The length of time it takes to froth the milk depends upon the amount of milk in the pitcher.


The Rivo R500 is built for easy upkeep and maintenance. It will let you know when the water reservoir is running low and when the spent capsule drawer needs to be emptied. The water reservoir removes easily for filling, but it can also be filled in place without disturbing the machine. The milk frothing pitcher is hand-washable and very easy to clean.

Bottom Line:

The Keurig Rivo won’t satisfy finicky espresso purists who like to control every aspect of the brew, but it does make quite good espresso and frothed milk drinks. The uncomplicated operation and convenience will appeal to those who enjoy drinking their espresso drinks more than they enjoy the ritual of grinding, tamping and frothing.

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