Keurig Coffee Makers

Keurig Coffee Makers

Keurig coffee makers were originally made for the commercial market and marketed to offices and hospitality businesses like hotels and convention centers. The Keurig coffee maker was one of the first systems to use a patented single serve brewer technology that encapsulated the filter and coffee inside a “brewer” to make just one cup of coffee at a time.

The Keurig system was designed to answer the question “Why do we brew coffee a pot at a time when we drink it a cup at a time?” In answering that question, the Keurig company designed an efficient coffee making system that not only brewed coffee just one cup at a time, but did it efficiently and with minimal cleanup. They also designed a coffee machine that could deliver a wide variety of coffee and other hot beverages in many different flavors. The Keurig coffee system was ideal for offices and other settings where people enjoy many different kinds of coffee. Because the entire brewing cycle happens inside the patented K-cup and the coffee is dispensed directly from the K-cup, all the mess is contained within a plastic cup that can be removed and tossed in the trash – and the machine is ready to make another cup of coffee in a different flavor with no residue from the last cup to mingle with the new flavor.

Like most other single serve coffee brewing systems, Keurig faced a steep climb for acceptance with coffee purists. The first reviews were uniformly bad – weak coffee, poor flavor extraction and no way to adjust those factors. The Keurig technicians and engineers massaged the machine a bit, adjusting it to suit more coffee flavor profiles, and later reviews of the Keurig coffee system were considerably better. More importantly, though, the reviews among the average coffee upscale drinkers were always high, and that was the market for which Keurig was aiming.

Keurig coffee makers aren’t alone in ease of use, coffee brew quality and cleanup, though. The major selling point of Keurig coffee systems over all other single serve coffee brewing systems is variety. Keurig has partnered with many specialty coffee roasters around the world to offer one of the largest varieties of coffee and other beverages packaged in K-cups than any other one cup coffee brewing system. Among the largest of the coffee roasters that has partnered with Keurig is Vermont’s Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, one of the largest US specialty roasters. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters offers all of its most popular coffee blends and roasts in K-cups for use with the Keurig coffee brewer, as well as several seasonal coffee choices for Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. In addition, Green Mountain has a revolving suite of specialty flavored coffees and limited edition special roasts that are packaged for use with the Keurig coffee brewer.

Other national and international coffee companies that have partnered with Keurig include Newman’s Own Organic coffees, Timothy’s, Van Houtte, Gloria Jean coffees, Emeril’s coffee, Caribou Roasters, Diedrich and Tully’s. Each of them offers a number of different blends and flavors, and Keurig frequently signs up new roasters to the K-cup program. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters alone makes more than 30 of their flavors and blends available in K-ups that can be bought either through the Keurig web site, on supermarket shelves or through the Green Mountain web site. They also offer a convenient subscription service so that you never run out of K-cups in your favorite flavors.

In addition to the K-cup coffees and the Keurig coffee brewer, Keurig also offers a number of accessories for the Keurig, including the K-cup Carousel which allows you to keep a dozen K-cups handy on the countertop next to your Keurig coffee maker in an attractive display.

Keurig coffee makers

K-cup Coffees

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Keurig K-cup Coffees

Keurig K-cup Carousel


  1. If you like coffee that tastes like a plastic water bottle, by all means…get a Keurig. I’ve tried everything to get a good cup out of this machine. If you leave water in the reservoir for more than half an hour, your coffee tastes like plastic.

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