Enjoy Your Time at Work with the Keurig B31 Mini Plus Brewing System

When I found the Keurig B31 Mini plus brewing system I was afraid that the convenient size would take away from the overall taste and durability. But after using it multiple times a day, I am confident that other coffee drinkers looking for a personal coffeemaker can truly benefit from this well-made product. Here is my insight and reasons why anyone will enjoy the Keurig B31 Mini.

Product Details and Features

– Sleek and compact black design
– Personal size for versatile placement
– Fast brewing within 2 minutes
– Automatic shutoff to save energy
– Easy storage for power cord
– Drip tray removes for easy cleaning

Keurig B31 Mini plus brewing system

The Keurig B31 Mini comes in a sleek black design which easily coordinates well with any décor in the home or office. I personally chose this machine because it fits nicely into my tiny cubicle at work. During long holidays, I take the Keurig B31 Mini plus brewing system to use it at home. I didn’t have to clear out extra counter space because it is so compact that I can position it anywhere in the kitchen and it will still be easily accessible.

Aside from its perfect size and style, the brewing process only takes 2 minutes. This means that my boss won’t be eyeing me each time I make a cup and will not suspect that I am dilly-dallying all day at work. The machine is easy enough to use and I only need a few seconds to get it started. Another bonus about this machine is the automatic shutoff feature. During the workday, it is impossible for me to remember to turn off the Keurig B31 Mini after brewing. The smart technology guarantees that my cubicle will not be in flames when I return the next day.

Other details about the Keurig B31 Mini plus brewing system have also added more points to my overall score. My desk space is limited so the power cord storage is great for preventing trips or accidents from happening. Often times, work can be hectic so the last thing I need is coffee split everywhere. Another great thing is the removable drip tray because once a week I can simply detach it and rinse it clean. There is no scrubbing or painful cleaning process required.

Operating the Keurig B31 Mini

As a hardcore skeptic, I expected the Keurig B31 Mini to show its true colors throughout more uses. But actually, the operations are smooth and quiet. Compared with countless other models, this personal brewer does the job quietly and effectively. Not only is the Keurig B31 Mini plus brewing system virtually silent but it works faster than most others out there.

Tips for Ideal Use

After using the Keurig B31 Mini for a reasonable amount of time, I have realized that many other users have issues with refilling water. Some have complained that they have no idea how much water to put and wish there was a gauge or meter to determine the required amount. But I didn’t have this problem at all because I simply remove the brewing cup and fill the water directly in there. This ensures that I will get the exact amount of coffee I want.

Another tip to maximize the function of the Keurig B31 Mini is to prevent clogging. I have seen a few reviews complain about the top needle accumulating debris which subsequently clogs the nozzle. But after thorough observation I realized that a toothpick or paper clip will eliminate this problem. Simply remove the brewing cup each time you brew to prevent residue or grounds from going into the needle.

Overall Quality

Now that we know the design, size, and operations of the Keurig B31 Mini plus brewing system are satisfactory, it is time to discuss the quality of taste. Being a coffee drinker for many years, I have a tendency to compare every single cup I consume, whether store-bought or homemade. After consuming plenty of coffee made with the Keurig B31 Mini, I am confident that I will no longer pay high prices for professional-grade coffee.


  1. This is one of my all-time favorite gifts (my wife gave it to me as a Christmas gift). The convenience-to-quality ratio is excellent and my favorite coffee in it (so far) is Tully’s House Blend, but now I’m excited about trying the new Starbucks k-cups in it. Highly recommended product for coffee lovers!

  2. The coffee the Keurig B31 Mini plus makes is quite decent. This is the perfect brewer for individual use; it works really fast and it is very easy to use. I often use it to make hot cocoa too. I would give it a 7 out of 10

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