Keurig B155 Commercial Grade Gourmet Small-Medium Office Brewer

As the office administrator for a busy office building, the task fell to me of choosing and purchasing a new coffee machine when our coffee-crazy staff wore out the old one. Of course the challenge in purchasing for an environment like this, where the coffee machine is brewing non-stop, is in finding a machine that can hold up to that kind of constant usage without costing an arm and a leg. I knew I’d found the perfect fit when I came across the Keurig B155 Commercial Grade Office Brewer, which fit the budget I’d been given, and seems like a promising candidate to give us some serious years of service.

Keurig B155 Brewing System
Keurig B155 Commercial Grade Office Brewer Product Features:

  • Touchscreen interface in full color
  • Brews single cups using K-cup pods
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Ninety ounce water reservoir
  • Variable brew volume ranging from four to ten ounces
  • Also brews tea or cocoa, and provides instant hot water
  • Removable drip tray allows for easy cleaning, as well as fitting travel mugs below the dispenser


And the true beauty, which the entire staff is over the moon about, is the fact that the Keurig B155 brews one cup at a time. Nobody ends up with the dregs of the pot, there’s no arguing about who used the last without starting a new pot to brew, the machine is always ready for the next comer, and no one has to wonder how long a pot has been sitting on the burner.

This purchase turned out to be a popular choice with the office. We have a lot of all-day coffee-drinkers on staff, and they enjoy the ability to brew a fresh cup every time. It takes a minute or so to fill a cup, so I think they also enjoy the extra little bit of social time around the coffee-maker. It’s not so slow that it’s cutting into work time, but it’s an enjoyable part of the ritual now. Everyone has their favorite mugs, too, and the Keurig B155 accommodates by allowing each person to fill their favorite, and select the brewing volume (from four ounces to ten) to fit the cup.

Even travel mugs fit beneath the dispenser if you slide out the drip tray. And as the person who cleans up at the end of the day, I’m pleased with that same removable drip tray for making my clean-up a snap. By the same token, I’m pleased that the Keurig B155 Commercial Grade Office Brewer operates with K-cup single units, which don’t leave the mess of coffee grounds all over the counter.

The Keurig B155 water reservoir holds sixty ounces, but we’ve actually taken it a step further and hooked it up to the water line. With the previous coffee machine I tried to establish a “protocol” that whoever used the last of a pot would start the new one–a process which of course involved dumping used grounds, setting up the new filter and measuring out new coffee, as well as pouring the water–and people would go to great lengths to avoid the chore. Now there’s no chore remaining at all, since not even the water reservoir needs to be filled, thanks to the water line hook-up straight to the Keurig B155.

All in all, the Keurig Commercial Grade Office Brewer keeps the office caffeinated and happy, with minimal mess and zero hassle!

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