Kalorik EXP-20737 espresso maker

I would almost have bought this machine just for its looks, but happily there’s more to it than looks. The Kalorik EXP-20737 espresso maker sports the unique designer look of polished chrome and frosted greenish glass which distinguish all the Kalorik kitchen appliances. Lined up with the Kalorik coffee maker, toaster, and blender, the Kalorik EXP-20737 espresso maker could practically be considered kitchen artwork. Add in the artisan quality of the espresso it makes, and I never need stray farther than my kitchen for the full art-and-espresso experience.

Kalorik EXP-20737 espresso maker

Kalorik EXP-20737 espresso maker Product Features:

  • Fifteen bar pump
  • Two stainless steel filters for one cup or two
  • Mechanical control switch
  • Steam nozzle to froth milk
  • Built-in cup warmer
  • Shower-style brewer head
  • Removable water reservoir for easy filling
  • Stainless polished steel finish with decorative frosted glass plates
  • One year warranty


The 1250 watt Kalorik EXP-20737 espresso maker with its fifteen bar steam pressure pump produces espresso shots at enough pressure to produce that perfect golden layer of crema to finish off each espresso shot. The steam pressure also provides a frothing nozzle for whipping up the frothy milk or cream for breves, cappucinos, and other cafe style drinks. I feel like a regular barista when I’m at the counter with my Kalorik EXP-20737 espresso maker. It’s not just my own imagination, either–my friends have taken to gathering in my kitchen for weekly sip-and-chat sessions, instead of the coffee shop we all used to frequent.

Truthfully, that’s one of the luxuries I enjoy about having my own Kalorik EXP-20737 espresso maker at home. I used to have to leave the house and spend the time, gas-money, and coffeehouse bill for every espresso I enjoyed. Now I enjoy an espresso drink every bit as high-quality as the professional baristas could make, with none of the hassle or expense. At just over one hundred dollars, I can’t believe how quickly the machine “paid for itself” with saved coffeehouse tabs. Anything else you’d find in this price range would be black plastic and ugly. Score one for decor!

When I’m brewing for myself, I use the one-cup stainless steel filter, or for two at a time, the two-cup filter with its twin spouts. And the built-in cup-warmer gets put to work, of course, so the cold espresso cup doesn’t leach the heat out of my hot drink (I have to mention, too, that I had fun shopping for some stylish designer demitasse cups to enhance the whole home-coffeehouse experience. This really is more fun than going out for coffee).

The manual controls are fairly simple, which is a good thing because the user manual that came with the Kalorik EXP-20737 espresso maker was remarkably incomplete and difficult to understand. I have no complaints about the machine, but would really have appreciated a more comprehensive manual (one thing to know, which I learned the hard way: purge the frother nozzle by shooting the high-pressure steam through it after you froth milk, or the nozzle gets gummed up).

The water reservoir lifts handily out of the machine so I can fill it right at the sink, the drip tray lifts out for easy cleaning, and all the parts (including filters and frother nozzle) pop right into the dishwasher to keep clean. An occasional swipe of the stainless steel parts and frosted glass with a clean cloth and glass cleaner, and the Kalorik EXP-20737 espresso maker stays gleaming on my countertop.

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