A Pop of Color and a Shot of Coffee: Kalorik CM25282 Coffee Maker

Here’s a design so bold it could almost wake you up even before you’ve had your coffee!

The Kalorik CM25282 12-cup coffee maker is metallic candy red and an eye-catching design to boot. A tall colorful cylinder with a curved half dome carved out for the coffee carafe to nestle inside as if in a coffeepot-cave, the Kalorik CM25282 12-cup coffee maker looks like nothing else on the market.

I first found it when I was searching for red appliances to add some pops of color to my new kitchen decor. I wasn’t sure if I would even be able to find appliances in red, but then I found this one–not only red, but remarkably eye-catching in its unusual design.

Review - Kalorik CM25282 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Kalorik CM25282 12-cup coffee maker Product Features:

  • Twelve-cup dripless pouring glass carafe
  • Metallic red design
  • Fully programmable with backlit LCD display
  • Transparent water tank
  • Auto shut-off function
  • Pause and pour function allows user to remove carafe while machine is brewing

I knew my search was over the moment I saw the coffee maker, looking a little like a super-cool spaceship landed on my counter to deliver out-of-this-world coffee to my kitchen!

In addition to its awesome shiny red presence on my counter, the coffee maker takes good care of me with its fully programmable digital timer. My morning pot of coffee will be waiting for me every morning, thanks to the user friendly programming of this machine. I confess to being someone “technologically impaired,” and I have actually had coffee makers in the past that were theoretically programmable, but never ended up being programmed by me.

I ended up just turning them on manually and waiting for my coffee to brew. So it says something about the easy-to-use nature of the Kalorik CM25282 12-cup coffee maker and its programming functions that I’m actually able to set this one to brew automatically. I’m happy to wake up to the smell of a brewing pot, not to mention the pot itself ready to pour when I stumble out of bed.

A few other features that work well for me–and serve as proof that despite its flashy designer style, the folks at Kalorik had an eye on functionality as well–include the transparent water tank which lets me easily view the level in the water reservoir, and the automatic shut-off function on the hotplate. (I’ve been notorious for leaving heated appliances–curling iron, clothing iron–powered on all day, so I’m happy to have a machine that takes that potential danger out of my hands entirely.)

The Kalorik CM25282 12-cup coffee maker is easy to clean, with a removable filter holder that can easily be rinsed in the sink or even run through the dishwasher along with the glass carafe. I use a bit of stainless-steel polish on a clean rag to give it a quick swipe and remove fingerprints that show up a little too well on that shiny surface. (I don’t think the manual mentioned that trick, but I recommend it–I had the stainless steel polish on hand for my bigger appliances, but it works perfectly on the Kalorik CM25282 coffee maker as well.

I wasn’t sure I’d find a red coffee maker at all, but now I’ve discovered, thanks to starting with the Kalorik CM25282 coffee maker, an entire line of designer red appliances made by Kalorik! My kitchen counter will be popping with color when I line up that entire set.

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