Jura-Capresso 13187 E8 Works Consistently for an Impressive Brew

With any coffee maker I have tried, none have been able to perfectly combine features for grinding and brewing like the Jura-Capresso 13187 Impressa has. In the areas of performance and consistency, this model outperforms the rest for many reasons. I always assumed that a higher price would guarantee a better product but after trying this affordable model, I am certain that cost does not mean great value.

The Jura-Capresso 13187 Impressa E8 has impressed me with its powerful and fast brewing process. My old coffee maker cost about twice as much as this one and worked fast but also included bitter flavors in the coffee because of the speed. Flavor is my number one priority but here are more reasons the Jura E8 is at the top of my list.

Jura-Capresso 13187 Impressa E8 Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

Product Features

  • Capacity of 64 ounces
  • Powerful 18-bar pump pressure
  • Strong conical burr grinder built-in
  • Unique dual frothing device
  • Advanced Thermoblock technology
  • Choose from 6 grinding settings
  • Strength and aroma options


The Jura-Capresso E8 13187 comes with a standard capacity of 64 ounces but offers more bar pump pressure than usual. The 18-bar pump contributes to the fast brewing time and the built-in conical burr grinder makes sure that coffee beans are cut uniformly to maximize flavor extraction. The strength options are also unique because I can choose from mild, normal, or strong without having to perform any complicated setup.

Another feature of the Jura Impressa E8 is that it is equipped with Thermoblock technology which works consistently without purging to keep the water at an optimal temperature until you are ready to start brewing. The stainless steel body also ensures that the coffee and water will never have to pass aluminum during the process. This makes the taste that much better and is free of impurities.

Other than flavor settings, the Jura E8 also offers grinding options. From coarse size to fine grains, I can choose from 6 different choices. In addition to this unique feature, I can also choose the cup sizes from 1- to 8-ounces which are great for customizing my brew. Aroma settings are another bonus and include either standard, or robust.

Why Choose the Jura Impressa E8

  • Automatic shutoff feature
  • Includes filter, scoop, and cleaning tablets
  • Electric sensor for water-level
  • Easy to see LED display
  • Removable water tank
  • Bean hopper with generous 8-ounce capacity
  • Adjustable height for spout


I chose the Jura Impressa E8 ultimately because I was sick of paying high prices but after using it for almost a year I am discovering more reasons to recommend this product to others. The automatic shutoff feature surprisingly saves a lot of time and works to conserve energy as well. When I cannot remember to turn off the brew, I do not have to come home to any accidents or a burning machine.

The Jura Impressa E8 comes equipped with a filter, cleaning tablets, and a scoop for easy use. Many machines I have had require me to buy separate accessories which are not only a waste of money but time as well. This coffee maker helps me to save even more time with the removable water tank which takes the fuss out of cleaning and refilling. I also spend minimal time adding beans to the hopper because the 8-ounce capacity is a good amount for at least a week.

More reasons to choose the Jura Impressa E8 is the adjustable height to accommodate dual spouts, an easy to read LED display, and a sensor specially designed for the water level. Other coffee makers do not come with these simple features that make a significant difference for coffee drinkers like me. If you appreciate what the Jura Impressa E8 has to offer then consider this affordable product over expensive units.

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