Jerdon First Class CM21W 4 Cup Coffee Maker

My male friend and I purchased a cabin cruiser together about two years ago. Don’t get excited, it was a mess when we got it and after two years, we were ready to take it for the maiden voyage. I had no intention of buying a 4-cup coffeemaker; but, when I saw the Jerdon 4-Cup Thermal Carafe Coffeemaker, I realized it met my needs for the boat more than any other.

Jerdon First Class CM21W 4 Cup Coffee Maker
Jerdon 4-Cup Thermal Carafe Coffeemaker product features:

  • Unbreakable thermal carafe
  • Automatic shut off
  • 4-cup capacity coffeemaker


One of the features that really convinced me to buy the Jerdon 4-Cup Thermal Carafe Coffeemaker was the thermal carafe. It wasn’t that the carafe is unbreakable, though. It was the way it fit under the drip filter. It sits beneath the filter holder nice and snug. The top of the carafe has no lid. It’s wide open. So, by sitting snugly under the filter tray, it keeps it from cold air.

Having been on the boat when we put it in the water, I knew that boats don’t sit still. They rock and roll even at the dock. Every wave acts as a lift taking you up and own. Other boaters had told me that when we get out on the river, I should expect a lot more movement. They were right. We got out on the river and I thought my head was going to hit the ceiling while I was in the cabin. I decided that evening to try out the Jerdon 4-Cup Thermal Carafe Coffeemaker while my friend was fishing. All that rolling and one drop spilled while the carafe was in place.

It says it makes 4-cups but I use mugs and it was just the right amount of coffee for the two of us. I was a bit surprised at how fast the Jerdon 4-Cup Thermal Carafe Coffeemaker made coffee. I thought it would be sluggish, but it wasn’t. The coffee was just as good as my expensive machine at home.

We stayed out on the boat overnight – which is the purpose of buying a cabin cruiser. During the night a storm came up and everything that wasn’t tied down was sliding, falling and flying onto the floor. When I got up in the morning, I was so glad that I had purchased the non-breakable carafe coffeemaker. Our Jerdon 4-Cup Thermal Carafe Coffeemaker was on the floor. The carafe was still in place under the filter basket. It didn’t even pop out and go rolling off on its own. After any storm, the morning is always cooler here and that morning was typical. The first thing we wanted was a nice hot cup of coffee. I didn’t think I could appreciate this little coffee pot any more than I already did. I was wrong. The thermal carafe and the way it fit in the coffeemaker had kept the chill away from the coffee.

I know it has an automatic shut-off, but I have never left it on long enough for the shut-off to activate. The filter basket is easy to slide in and out and wide enough that you don’t feel like you need a baby spoon to put the coffee into the filter.

The water tank is very easy to fill. It, too, has a wide opening and when the boat is dancing on choppy waves having a large opening as a target is very helpful. There is no water window, so I had to listen for the infamous whoosh when it finished brewing.

The Jerdon 4-Cup Thermal Carafe Coffeemaker is pretty basic as coffeemakers go. All it does it make a good cup of coffee, in an unbreakable carafe, for a pittance of a price. What more could I want in these circumstances?

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