How to Remove Coffee Stains

There are millions of people worldwide who love their coffee and need to have a regular dose each day but inevitably one time or another, there will be spills and many coffee drinkers want to know how to remove coffee stains from various fabrics. Most people cannot live without their favorite beverage for starting their day so the best way to resolve a stubborn stain problem is to learn how to remove them from clothing successfully.

Benefits of Stain Removal

It may seem daunting and virtually impossible to remove coffee stains but it can be beneficial to finally learn. Instead of throwing out each stained piece of clothing, you can save money by actually cleaning the garment so it looks like new. This may sound like it is easier said than done but if you know the proper steps on how to remove coffee stains then you will not be as frustrated when you do spill.

Tips on How to Remove Coffee Stains

The most important thing to remember when spilling coffee on any type of fabric or cloth is to take prompt action. Coffee stains are notoriously stubborn but do not set until you leave it alone. Immediately after making a spill, take the piece of clothing off and rinse under cold water while blotting the stain out. But this may not be possible during all spills because many accidents happen during the commute to work or at the office.

If you cannot readily remove the garment to clean the stain, simply take a wet towel or cloth and dab the stained area until you do not see anymore residue on the clothes. A highly common mistake people make is by rubbing the coffee stain which will only cause it to soak deeper into the fibers of the fabric. Even if you can manage to lift a part of the stain, the rubbing motion will only cause it to dilute and then spread to surrounding fibers.

For major spills and stains that cannot be blotted out then the next resort is to use several different products that are commonly found in the household. A popular one is club soda because this effervescent liquid will work the stain as soon as you start to dab it. It is important to remember not to pour the soda directly onto the stain because this can saturate and cause spreading. Instead, put the club soda on a towel and then apply to the stained fabric.

What to Avoid with Stained Fabrics

After dabbing the stained fabric, most people like to ensure the remnants of coffee are completely lifted by throwing the clothes into the laundry. This can be beneficial but only if there are absolutely no stains remaining. If you accidentally miss a spot and mix the coffee-stained garment in with your regular laundry, you may end up with an even more permanent stain.

Heat is the ultimate contributor for the setting of coffee stains. Aside from the laundry process, ironing or drying clothes can cause the stains to lock into the individual fibers in the fabric. Once this happens, it will be virtually impossible to remove. Remember that once a spill occurs, take immediate action and dab lightly to avoid spreading.

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