Guilt-Free Coffee Indulgence or How to Reduce the Fat in Your Coffee

Guilt-Free Coffee Indulgence or How to Reduce the Fat in Your Coffee

Delicious coffee is one of those little luxuries that almost anyone can afford now and then – or more often. Depending on what you drink and what you put into it, though, you could be drinking the equivalent of 25% of your calorie and fat allowances for the day in just one large latte. That puts your frapuccino about on a par with a chocolate bar, a bag of potato chips or a piece of batter-fried fish, none of which are terribly good for you.

So does that mean you have to forego your pleasure? Not at all! Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your favorite coffee beverages without the added guilt.

1. When you order, ask specifically for skim or 1% milk in your coffee. In most shops, whole milk is the standard, and many will typically ask if you prefer half and half or milk. Nearly all do keep 1% or skim available for customers who request it. Request it.

2. Get your flavors from the coffee. Skip the flavored coffees that are made by adding syrup to your cup, or flavored creamers. Instead, opt for the flavored coffees that get their flavors from the beans.

3. Flavor your own coffee at home. If you really love flavored coffees. create your own at home. You don’t have to use flavored creamers that can add 60 calories to your coffee just to get cinnamon flavor. Bury a couple of cinnamon sticks in your bag of coffee beans and you’ll have delicious, natural, no-calorie-added cinnamon coffee.

4. Say no to whipped cream. It can add up to 100 calories and lots of saturated fat to your coffee indulgence. Really love the cream? Get a cappuccino with frothed skim milk instead.

5. Find out what you’re drinking. Check with the barista at your favorite coffee joint to find out if they provide nutritional info on their drinks. Not all do, but many have the info on hand for customers who care.

6. Use a sweetener instead of sugar. You’ll save 16-24 calories per teaspoon of sugar that you replace.

7. Make your coffee smaller. Order a tall instead of a grande or a medium instead of a large.

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