How To Make Office Coffee Better

While it may seem like you’re doomed to drink horrible coffee when you’re at work, there are ways to make your caffeine addiction more palatable for everyone. Why suffer any more when you’re at the office? Here are some easy tips for creating quality coffee.

Change the coffee brewed

The easiest way to make the office coffee better is to find another kind of coffee to brew. In most offices, it’s cheaper to buy, well, cheap coffee, but that doesn’t mean that it tastes any good. Instead, why not talk with your coworkers and each buy the coffee for the week or the month? Perhaps you can find a way to set up a coffee fund so that you can buy higher quality coffee.

Check the coffee pot

Does it work? In many cases, your coffee machine might not be working as well as it could, leading to poor tasting coffee. If your coffee pot is a smaller unit, you might want to take up a collection for a newer, more modern machine. And realize that the amount of money that you spend on a coffee maker directly correlates with the quality of the coffee that will be coming out as well.

Clean the coffee pot regularly

More often than not, bad office coffee is the result of a coffee maker that never gets clean. You can remedy this situation by purchasing coffee pot cleaner and using it weekly, or you can simply run a pot of water and vinegar through the pot once or twice a week. After doing this, simply run a few pots of plain water through to remove any remaining vinegar smell and enjoy fresher tasting coffee.

Follow the coffee instructions

You’ve probably witness someone throwing multiple packs of coffee into each pot, making the coffee taste more like something you should chew, rather than drink. Instead, try to educate everyone in the office on exactly how to brew and make a good pot of coffee. Follow the instructions that are listed on the coffee that you choose for the best results.

Espresso Lungo Have just one person brew the coffee

Since consistency is everything, you might want to have just one person brew the coffee each day. This will allow you to have a consistently good cup of coffee, especially when the person is taking the time to follow the steps above.

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