Honor Grounds Coffee Honors Hometown Heroes in Three Blends

Coffee lovers in Minnesota, Iowa, Maine and Kansas have a special reason to tee up an extra ten cents for a cup of coffee at their favorite convenience stores. Proceeds from Honor Grounds coffee, currently sold in those four states and over the internet, fund The Patriot Fund, a foundation that was created specifically to contribute proceeds from Honor Grounds sales to organizations that help the families of military men.

The Honor Grounds coffee program was created by Dan Boudreau and John Salterio, partners in Consolidated Services Group. Their premier coffee program is “Hometown Heroes”, which features the stories of real military men on the coffee packaging and on their web site. Said Boudreau, “We wanted to show our appreciation to veterans, and those currently serving our nation, by recognizing their sacrifices and generating financial support.”

The program is partnering with retailers and distributors to spread the support and enable coffee lovers to pitch in help honor the Hometown Heroes with stories that “honor both the service and the sacrifices these men and women have made.” The stories are meant to focus attention and help raise funds for veterans and those serving in the National Guard and Army Reserve. In each state, sales of Honor Grounds coffee will be used to fund programs for veterans, military enlistees and their families in that particular state. In Minnesota, for example, Honor Grounds has partnered with Tee It Up for the Troops, and fifty cents from the purchase price of each bag of coffee goes to support Minnesoata veterans and their families.

Rancilio In Minnesota, Honor Grounds coffee is sold mostly through Cub Foods. President of Cub Foods Brian Huff says, “Cub Foods is proud to offer Honor Grounds coffee to our customers. It’s an easy way for (them) to help Minnesota veterans and their families as they transition in and out of deployment.”

Honor Grounds coffee is currently available in three varieties.

Five Star Joe is a blend of mild Colombian and Central American Arabica coffees. Smooth and rich, it’s the perfect after dinner coffee blend.

Reveille Dark is a full dark roast of Colombian blended with other Arabica coffees. The dark, rich roast is a real eye-opener.

D-Day Decaf is the Honor Grounds version of the finest Colombian decaf coffee on the market.

In addition, Honor Grounds plans to introduce powdered cappuccino and hot cocoa in 2009.

One of the highlights of the Honor Grounds program is that the packaging will feature the stories of local hometown heroes. The stories can be read on the web site at honorgrounds.com.

The Honor Grounds program and Honor Grounds coffee is intended to be available in Wisconsin, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Connecticut before the end of this year.


  1. I belong to an American Legion post in the UP of Michigan. One of our members obtained a package from Wis. They apparantly use the product in fund raising. Is it available, price, quanties needed to purchase and any other information.

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