Is A Home Coffee Machine Worth It?

Once upon a time, having a coffee machine in your kitchen was the height of luxury. Nowadays, they can be found in many kitchens up and down the country and are no longer an item that only the rich can afford. But is it worth buying a coffee maker for your home or should you save your money and treat yourself at your nearest coffee shop?

A home coffee machine is not a necessity, unless you have a serious caffeine habit, but it is a lovely item to have in your kitchen if you like your coffee fresh and on demand. Cost is a major decision on whether to purchase your own machine. Firstly, you have to decide what type of machine you require – percolator, espresso, or filter and then you need to spend some time deciding what additional features you require. You may need none but then again, the thought of having a grinder or timer may be important to you.

Once you have decided that you need one then it is time to shop around to see how much they cost and find a bargain. Online, numerous comparison websites compare price, style, and every other features imaginable. Spend a bit of time checking out the different makes and models and, if possible, go into a shop to physically handle the machine and get a “hands on” feel for the machine you want to buy. If none of this puts you off buying a coffee machine, then you need to consider other aspects.

On the negative side there is cleaning. If you like cleaning and get a sense of satisfaction from turning something dirty into something clean, then this shouldn’t be an issue. However, if like me, you view cleaning as a chore, rather than something you want to do; maybe you should think twice about a home coffee machine, as it will add to your cleaning routine.

Home coffee machines need to regularly cleaned, ideally once a week. It is not just a matter of swilling out the carafe under the tap. You have to clean all moving parts to remove the dirt and residue build-up if you want to keep on having fresh tasting coffee. Vinegar or lemon juice are the best solutions to use to keep your coffee machine in good working order but be careful how you handle the carafe as they break easily. Replacements can be costly and means your coffee maker is out of order until you get it.

If you have a small kitchen, you may not have space for a coffee machine. If you can squeeze one onto your counter, you will be very limited as to the type of machine you can select due to size constraints. However, if kitchen size is not an issue, then you have a choice of what type of coffee machine to go for and in what color.

Whilst color coordinating your coffee machine with your tiles or kitchen wall might seem irrelevant, to the more stylish amongst us, it is a highly important factor when deciding on a coffee machine.

In conclusion, would I say a home coffee maker was worth it? If you can afford it and are serious about having fresh coffee on demand, then go for it. If, on the other hand, you are not too fussy about the type of coffee you drink, or you live within striking distance of a good coffee shop, a home coffee machine might not be such a good investment. As for me, I’m just going to pour myself a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Some things are just worth it.

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