Hario Glass Coffee Makers and Accessories

What do you get when you combine coffee with glass? If you’re the Japanese glass company Hario, you get a combination of beauty and elegance that elevates coffee brewing and coffee roasting equipment to the level of art.

Like many coffee lovers, I have an eye for symmetry and artistry. My most wanted coffee machines are those that look great while making a great cup of coffee. It’s not unusual for me to refer to an espresso machine as sexy or sleek or stylish or eye-catching, and I’m not alone.

Italian espresso makers in particular are as renowned for their appearance as they are for quality of the brew they make. Francis Francis espresso makers are designed by designers and architects. The Australian Otto espresso maker has won design awards for its sleek, smooth, stainless steel curves. The Hario Glass Company has created a series of coffee makers, brewers and roasters that should earn them a place among the most beautiful utilitarian coffee artworks.

The Hario Non-Electric Home Coffee Roaster is a classically beautiful piece of coffee equipment. Styled after 18th century rotary coffee roasters, the Hario home coffee roaster, with its steel-banded glass drum, gleaming metal fittings and alcohol spirit lamp, would be perfectly at home in any futuristic steampunk setting. It’s an elegant and timeless design that captures attention for its simplicity and style. To use, you open the drum, pour in your coffee beans, place the drum back in place and light the spirit lamp. A hand crank lets you keep the beans in tumbling motion over the heat while the glass drum allows you to watch the roasting process closely so that you can roast your coffee beans to perfection.

The same classic styling is evident in other coffee makers and accessories from Hario. The Hario Water Dripper Cool Manual Coffee Maker consists of a rounded acrylic open cube that holds a glass coffee carafe, filter cup and coffee brewer one above the other. It’s designed to make cold-brew coffee, and features a brass faucet tap to adjust the drip between coffee brewer and carafe. Priced at over $200, it’s not a purchase for the faint of heart, but it would make a stunning gift for the coffee enthusiast who has everything.

The Hario POTA Cool Water Dripper uses the same quality engineered parts in a strikingly different cool extraction coffee pot. The bronze and glass coffee maker resembles an elegantly styled pot-bellied hurricane lamp, and is beautiful enough to earn a spot on your coffee bar for permanent display.

If you’re a fan of siphon coffee makers, Hario offers several different styles, all of them as beautiful to look at as they are useful. The glass pots and brewing cups are paired with suspension stands in metal and wood. Hario siphon coffee makers are a nod to an elegant past where making coffee was a ceremony that could captivate the attention of an entire dinner party.

You don’t have to shell out big bucks to enjoy Hario’s elegant coffee makers and accessories. The Hario Coffee Dripper has a familiar look — it’s a standard cup-top single cup coffee filter cone, but with a big step up in elegance. The interior of the cone has spiral ridges that allow for better coffee expansion, and the clear glass with colored accents make each Dripper a miniature work of art.

Hario’s other classic coffee maker is the Wood Neck Coffee Drip Pot, which uses flannel filters for superior coffee flavor. The round-bellied pot makes up to two mugs of incredible coffee using a manual pour-over method. The glass company also makes coffee grinders, iced tea makers and coffee serving pots.

Unusual and striking, Hario Glass coffee accessories and glass coffee makers are definitely worth a second look if you’re a coffee lover or are looking for a gift for a coffee lover. You can order most of them through Amazon or on other online sites, which is handy since U.S. buyers can’t order directly from the company.

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