Hamilton Beach Stay or Go 45237R Coffee Maker Keeps You Focused for an Entire Day

Before deciding to buy the Hamilton Beach Stay or Go 45237R coffee maker, I was looking for the ultimate machine that can brew great tasting coffee to keep me focused throughout the work day. Features including performance, convenience, and customizable options are main factors that I look for in any coffeemaker. I finally decided on the Hamilton Beach Stay or Go 45237R because it is programmable and also includes thermal insulation mugs for traveling or enjoying coffee while in a rush. For me, the beneficial features offered by this machine with a great price I found online, helped seal the deal for me.

Hamilton Beach Stay or Go 45237R Coffee Maker
Product Features

  • 3 Unique Brewing Options
  • Stainless Steel exterior
  • Split Basket for customized brew
  • Carafe capacity of 10 cups
  • Programmable timer with auto shut-off
  • Makes hot and cold beverages
  • Convenience with 2 travel mugs
  • Option for small-batch mode

How the Hamilton Beach Stay or Go 45237R Coffee Maker Helps the Entire Day

The Stay or Go 45237R coffee maker is a great choice for individuals who are always in a rush during the mornings like I am. The programmable timer helps to save valuable minutes in the morning because you can set it when you have time to start brewing when time is of the essence. Especially after brewing, I almost never remember to turn off the machine so the automatic shut-off feature helps me to conserve energy and money.

The two travel mugs included are also a lifesaver on certain days. In rare instances, I barely have time to enjoy my coffee so instead of using the carafe, I simply replace it with the travel mug. This means I can preset the brew, place the travel mug in position, and walk out whenever I am ready for work. The thermal insulation works great and I can enjoy my coffee even after a morning meeting or other work issues without having to reheat or buy another cup.

My Ultimate Reasons for Choosing the Hamilton Beach Stay or Go 45237R Coffee Maker

The first factor that caught my eye was the overall appearance of the Hamilton Beach Stay or Go 45237R coffee maker. The design is fairly simple but also modern and sleek with black and steel accents. The 10-cup capacity carafe is also ideal because it is a generous amount for me and my family but sufficient enough to host a dinner party for friends and family. The worst thing to have to deal with is constantly brewing while guests are unattended.

The next reason I chose the Stay or Go 45237R coffee maker is because of another feature called the “small batch mode.” This feature enhances the flavor of the coffee and can be set to either brew one cup or four at a time. Most of the time if I am brewing coffee for the workday, I simply have to choose two cups instead of making a carafe full when I don’t need it.

Any machine I consider must have the ability to brew hot and cold beverages. This is simply because I cannot stomach hot beverages in the blistering heat. With the coffee maker, I can make iced coffee just as quickly as hot. The travel mug works to insulate both types of beverages and keeps the temperature stable for at least a couple of hours.

An Honest Recommendation

For those looking for a quality and durable machine, consider the Hamilton Beach Stay or Go coffee maker not only for its’ array of beneficial features but because it is more affordable than similar products. Another great reason to buy is because the package comes with everything you need including two travel mugs, drip tray for easy maintenance, programmable timer, and automatic energy-saving features. See for yourself how it can keep your hectic day running smoothly.

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