Hamilton Beach Home and Office Coffee Maker 1-4 Cup Pause and Serve

As a housewife, I make sure everything is clean. From the house furniture to kitchen wares, I make sure they are all dirt and germ free. However, I got this problem about my coffeemaker. The carafe spills and it stains the table fabric. It makes laundry a lot difficult. I do web search to find a suitable coffeemaker which does not spill. I came across with coffeemakers which brew directly to the mug and therefore no pouring nor spills. But then, they are expensive. As an alternative, I find Hamilton Beach Home and Office Coffeemaker 1-4 Cup Pause and Serve instead. It has a reasonable price.

The good thing I like about this coffeemaker is that the carafe does not spill when pouring. The carafe is wide mouthed, that is to allow easy pouring. I do not have to turn it upside down to dispense the coffee. Wide mouthed carafe prevents drips spill. This replaced my old messy coffeemaker.

Hamilton Beach Home and Office Coffeemaker 1-4 Cup Pause and Serve has a classic design which exemplifies Hamilton’s entire model for household use. It is easy, convenient, and safe to use because it has an automatic shut off. I do not have to worry about overheating or electricity wastage whenever I forget to shut if off because after an hour it automatically shuts off. Forgetting is becoming frequent with me. Thanks to the automatic shut off feature of this coffeemaker.

I also like the pause and serve feature of Hamilton Beach Home and Office Coffeemaker 1-4 Cup Pause and Serve. I can dispense a cup of coffee even if it is still brewing. It can make 1-4 cups of coffee. And it has an easy to fill water reservoir. Plus the coffee produced by this coffeemaker is always freshly brewed with just the right temperature for drinking.

Cleanliness is always a priority for me. Hamilton Beach and Home and Office Coffeemaker helps me achieve this.

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