Hamilton Beach 49981 Single Serve Coffee Maker Brews Fast for Fabulous Flavors

Choosing the best single serve coffee maker is not at all easy with the many choices to choose from but for coffee at home or on the go, my favorite is the Hamilton Beach 49981 The Scoop. It is simplistic in design but does a lot more than you would expect from such a compact machine. The price was extremely fair and was my main reason for choosing this model. The Hamilton Beach 49981 is not a regular coffee maker because it offers considerate benefits and great flavors.

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Maker The Scoop(49981)
Product Features of Hamilton Beach The Scoop

  • Works faster for better taste
  • Perfect servings with single scoop
  • No filters or pods necessary
  • Made for durability with stainless steel and plastic
  • Ideal for regular or travel size mugs
  • Automatic shutoff capability


The Hamilton Beach 49981 The Scoop is basically ready to use right out of the box because of its’ simple design. There are no filters required or pods to buy so it is not only convenient but it saves a ton of money throughout time. A big problem I often have with making coffee is putting too much or too little grounds. This usually causes the brew to taste either too strong or too light for my preference.

The Hamilton Beach 49981 coffee maker is unique because it comes with a measured scoop that guarantees a delicious cup each time. This is also great to use as a gauge for other members of the household who prefer more than a scoop to provide an extra kick of flavor. Aside from high quality taste, there are also benefits for convenience when running out of the house.

I can use a travel mug when I want to enjoy my coffee on the go because the Hamilton Beach 49981 accommodates different cup sizes. From using it for awhile now, it is definitely ideal for both regular or thermos mugs. In terms of maintenance, there is essentially no rough cleaning required. The body is made of stainless steel with plastic and requires only a quick wipe every now and then.

Another feature that boosts efficiency is the automatic shutoff capability. I virtually never turn off the Hamilton Beach 49981 anymore because it takes care of that on its’ own. Especially with a busy schedule and hectic mornings, it is beneficial to have a machine that conserves energy and prevents accidents.

Other Unique Features

  • Built-in coffee mug stand
  • Adjusts to height of cup or mug
  • Brews a full cup of 14 ounces in under 2 minutes
  • Machine includes two stainless steel scoops

Before choosing any other coffee maker, consider the Hamilton Beach 49981 for its’ unique features. The built-in stand adjusts to the height of almost any regular or travel-size mug. This feature helps to drastically minimize splashing or dripping when pouring into shorter cups.

Most coffee makers today may work fast but the speed often causes the grounds to burn leaving bitter tasting coffee as a result. But from my experience and frequent use of the Hamilton Beach 49981 single serve machine, I have not had this problem. It is undeniably fast and brews a generous 14-ounce cup in just a minute and a half. Other models take longer just to warm up so this is a surprising bonus for such a small coffee maker.

My favorite detail about the Hamilton Beach 49981 is that it comes with two scoops instead of just one. This helps a great deal because my spouse drinks a different brand of coffee and it is helpful to not mix the flavors from using the same spoon. It makes mornings that much smoother and less stressful. For a simple coffee maker that does the job and then some, try the affordable Hamilton Beach 49981.


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