Hamilton Beach 49980 Two Way Brewer is Unique and Powerful

Making a decision between hundreds of different coffee makers can be quite a challenge for most people but for me, Hamilton Beach The Scoop Two-Way Brewer 49980 does everything I need and more. I decided to try this model after using many different expensive coffee makers that either break down within a couple months or are too complicated to figure out. After using the Hamilton Beach 49980 for over a year now, there have been pleasant surprises with no negative issues at all.

Hamilton Beach 49980 Two Way Brewer Single Serve and 12 cup Coffee Maker

Basic Product Features

  • Classically stylish stainless steel
  • Option to brew single serve or pot
  • Use coffee grounds or pods
  • Glass carafe with 12-cup capacity
  • Brew with options for different strengths

The Hamilton Beach 49980 is stylish with the classic look of stainless steel. Aside from the appeal, this also makes it easier to clean when compared with plastic housings. This makes the brewing process more enjoyable especially for parties of more than 10 guests. There is minimal cleaning involved and most of the time I only have to wipe down the machine with a wet paper towel. Whether after hosting a party all night or after a long day of work, cleaning is the last thing most people want to do.

A unique feature the Hamilton Beach 49980 offers is the choice to make either a full carafe of 12-cups or just a single serving. This is a great option to have since on weekdays a few members in my household need coffee each morning so a full carafe allows for generous portions. But on weekends when only I want coffee, the single cup feature is the perfect solution. There is no need to waste an entire pot of coffee just to savor one cup. I have never seen expensive models have this feature so far.

Besides the option for how much coffee to brew, there is also a customizable feature that allows you to set different strengths for the coffee. This works out great when I am looking for an extra kick to prepare for a hectic day. The normal setting is sufficient enough for a regular day but it is nice that the Hamilton Beach 49980 can increase the flavor whenever I need to.

More Benefits of the Hamilton Beach 49980

  • Scoop measures and filters uniform cups
  • Automatic turn off feature
  • Programmable timer up to 24 hours
  • Height adjusts for tall or short cups


There are more reasons to consider the Hamilton Beach 49980 instead of pricier models because it is designed to be comfortable for the user. It comes with a scoop that measures perfectly uniformed cups every time which helps to maintain the same consistency of flavor. Another perk is the automatic shutoff feature which comes in handy when I am rushing out.

The programmable timer on the Hamilton Beach 49980 is a great time saver because there is an option to preset the brew to start up to 24 hours before you need it to. I have developed a daily habit of setting the timer the night before so the mornings are especially pleasant and aromatic. This is definitely one of my favorite features because many similar models do not offer this benefit.

With the Hamilton Beach 49980, there is a smart option to adjust the height for either short or taller cups. This is great to prevent splashing or drips from pouring for a further distance. Even when brewing in a smaller mug, I would like to keep all of the coffee inside instead of on the kitchen counter.

My Overall Recommendation

When comparing the basic features and bonus benefits of the Hamilton Beach 49980, I am convinced it has more to offer than other coffee makers. It offers convenience, high quality, and various options for a nice low price.

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