Hamilton Beach 49970 Personal Brewer Makes the Workday a Breeze

It is not easy to find quality coffee these days and even harder to find a great brewer for the office and home but the Hamilton Beach 49970 has done wonders for making my workday a breeze. Before deciding on this product, I was looking for a personal brewer to use at work but that is also ideal for the home. I did not prefer larger models with a full carafe capacity because no one else in my household drinks coffee. After trying this coffee maker for the first time, I was sure that I made a good decision and here’s why.

Many features of the Hamilton Beach 49970 Single Serve Coffee Maker can be found in other models within the same price range but there difference is that there are many other reasons to try. For an affordable price, coffee drinkers will not have to deal with a huge mess afterwards and have a great variety to choose from. Here are more features of this coffee maker that has made it my all-time favorite.

Hamilton Beach Personal Cup One Cup Pod Brewer

Features of the Hamilton Beach 49970

  • Capacity of up to 12-ounces
  • Works faster to brew
  • A variety of flavors
  • Eliminate mess of grounds
  • One-touch start


With a capacity of up to 12-ounces, the Hamilton Beach 49970 does a great job by allowing a generous portion. I have seen many single-serve brewers with about 8-ounce cups to 10-ounce cups but that is only enough for a regular day. On an extra stressful week, I prefer to have the extra dose with the full 12-counces.

Another feature of the Hamilton Beach 49970 personal brewer is that it works perfectly with Senseo cartridges which are great because of the high quality and variety of this brand. There are no grounds to deal with afterwards and no risk of spilling inside the basket. This coffee maker also works faster than my old machine which helps a great deal at work.

The best feature about the Hamilton Beach 49970 is the one-touch start because I almost never have a minute to spare at work so a complicated setup is the last thing I need. This coffeemaker only requires me to insert the cartridge, add water, and push a single button. There are no steps in between to forget which makes the entire brewing process much simpler.

Other Reasons to Try the Hamilton Beach 49970

  • Brewing basket is easy to clean
  • Includes 18 Senseo pods
  • Works great in the office or home
  • Automatic shutoff feature

In addition to basic features, there are many other reasons to buy the Hamilton Beach 49970. The brewing basket requires minimal cleaning and is completely dishwasher safe. I do not have to waste money on special formulas or brushes to get it looking like brand new again. I simply remove it and leave it with the dishes.

The Hamilton Beach 49970 also works great in the office or home because it is so compact and stylish. There is no issue with carrying the unit because it is light and small in size. This coffee maker is also ready to use right out of box because there are 18 Senseo pods included. That is more than enough to experience the variety of different tastes of regular, decaf, and other blends.

Final Recommendation

For a fast and great tasting brew, the Hamilton Beach 49970 offers a variety of flavors because it takes Senseo pods. There is minimal maintenance and the price is more affordable than many other machines that do less. The Hamilton Beach 49970 personal brewer is simple to operate and is ideal for the home or office.

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