Hamilton Beach 48463 Makes Brewing Coffee Enjoyable

The Hamilton Beach 48463 coffee maker is the first machine that has made brewing coffee enjoyable again for me. I have always preferred to brew my own coffee at home because not only does it save money but it is also much more convenient than commuting to a coffee shop each time I have a craving for it. But the reason this machine makes the process pleasant again is because I have encountered many issues with expensive coffee makers and wanted to give this affordable one a whirl. I am glad I did because it is now an easy and fun process to make coffee every single day.

Hamilton Beach 48463R 12 Cup Coffee Maker

Product Features

  • Capacity of 12 cups
  • Stylish and modern
  • Internal heater
  • Dispense with one hand
  • Automatic shutoff technology
  • Makes hot and iced coffee


The Hamilton Beach 48463 coffee maker offers a sufficient capacity of 12 cups which is perfect for my family since just about every member is a coffee drinker. My old machine offered the same volume but worked extremely slow so brewing for the entire family each day was a challenging and time-consuming task. Though this machine was much cheaper than many others I saw, it still looks very stylish and modern with an all black body and silver accents.

Having an internal heater built into the Hamilton Beach 48463 is a great feature because it keeps the coffee at optimal temperature without overcooking or burning the brew. Often times I set the brew before starting my chores so I forget and return much later for coffee. Even after a couple hours, each cup tasted like it came from a freshly made pot of coffee.

Aside from the high quality taste, this coffeemaker also offers versatility because it makes iced coffee as well. Especially during the summer heat, having a cool and refreshing coffee is preferred over a hot piping one. The Hamilton Beach 48463 is also extremely convenient because it only requires one hand to dispense and even includes automatic shutoff technology with up to 4 hours of preset time.

Other Notable Features

  • Stainless steel travel mug included
  • Large display with backlight
  • Water level indicator located on both sides
  • Water filter is optional
  • Parts are dishwasher-safe


Other features found on the Hamilton Beach 48463 that are worthy of mentioning is the large display. Not only is it clear but it also includes a backlight to help with seeing it from afar. Another feature that is easy to see when you need to are the water level indicators. Most machines do not even come with one but this coffee maker comes with two. There is one on each side which means you do not have to struggle at all to see how much water is left before the next refill is needed.

The Hamilton Beach 48463 coffee maker also does not required a water filter but allows for one to be used. I have tried it both ways with and without a filter but there seems to be no big difference. I was excited when I received this product and wanted to use it right out of the box. Since there is no filter required and a travel mug was included, I certainly was able to brew immediately.

Best of all, the Hamilton Beach 48463 has parts that are dishwasher-safe. This is the most beneficial part of the entire unit in my case. Due to a lack of spare time, I have developed a habit of throwing dishes, cups, and everything else into the dishwasher so it is nice that this coffee maker accommodates that. For versatile taste options, unique convenience, and an affordable price, the Hamilton Beach 48463 coffee maker certainly ranks high in my book.

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