Hamilton Beach 40715 Espresso Maker Makes Each Morning Bright

The Hamilton Beach 40715 was the last espresso maker I reviewed after browsing through countless other ones. My final decision was to buy a product that can combine top performance with an affordable price. This is not an easy task but after using this espresso and frothing machine for several months now, there is no reason to look any further. The basic features are all there with some bonus benefits that make this machine unique.

Hamilton Beach 40715 Espresso Maker Makes

Product Features

  • Fast and powerful with 15 bar Italian pump
  • Easy operations with simple push-button
  • Compatible with easy-serving pods or grounds
  • Makes servings for two in one brew

When first brewing with the Hamilton Beach 40715, I expected there would be some sort of issue or another because of the low price compared with many others. But surprisingly, this espresso maker works fast and packs plenty of power. I prepared to taste some remnants of burning grounds because of how quickly it works. But I was pleasantly surprised to find no bitter taste at all in fact, the quality was better than store-bought coffee from the café.

The Hamilton Beach 40715 espresso maker helps brighten each morning because it is fully compatible with easy-serving espresso pods so there is no need to measure the right portion of grounds to put in. However, on weekends when I have more spare time to prepare, I take advantage of the machine’s capability to take grounds and save the pods for other days.

Another feature of the Hamilton Beach 40715 espresso maker is that there is no complicated setup or difficult operations that require skills of a rocket scientist. I simply add the easy serving pod or grounds and push the button to start brewing. The process is stress-free and there is no compromise in terms of taste, even after months of use.

My favorite feature about the Hamilton Beach 40715 is the capacity of two cups because it is easier to brew for my spouse before leaving the house each morning. My old machine only allowed one cup per brew so it required double the time to make the same amount this espresso maker does.

Why the Hamilton Beach 40715 is Unique

  • Removable water tank for easy refill
  • No fuss frothing wand
  • Café quality right at home
  • One-button to start

After trying the Hamilton Beach 40715 first hand, it has been confirmed in my book that this espresso maker is unique from others I have seen. First of all, the removable reservoir makes it super easy to refill and clean as well. The old espresso machine I had required me to carry the entire unit to pour or fill the tank. This is more inconvenient than it sounds considering I brew multiple times a day.

The Hamilton Beach 40715 also comes with a no-fuss frothing wand which does a great job and makes perfect froth for espresso. Not only is the high quality taste better than the cafes but the frothing wand is the icing on top of the cake. Many machines in the same price range as this product do not offer this feature. Having the choice to make your own cream makes the difference between store-bought.

Should You Buy the Hamilton Beach 40715?

The Hamilton Beach 40715 can be right for your espresso needs if you are looking for an affordable machine that does more than you pay for. With 15-bar pump pressure, there is always maximum extraction of flavor without the high prices at the café. The Hamilton Beach 40715 has proven to be a worthy buy for me and can be for you too.

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