Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Top Five Coffees

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters has taken the country by storm. In a tough economic time when most companies are facing shrinking sales, Green Mountain’s earnings keep on climbing along with their sales and their stocks. While a great deal of their success comes from their Keurig Single Cup Coffee Brewer Division, one of the keys to Keurig’s market penetration and success is the wide variety of coffee brands and blends that are available in K-cups for use with the Keurig.

In addition to serving as a K-cup packager and distributor for major coffee brand names like Tully, Tim Horton’s and Paul Newman’s Own Organics, Green Mountain also roasts and sells its own coffees in multiple forms and through multiple streams. They provide Paul Newman’s Own coffee to McDonalds’, for instance, and supply coffee to a number of major national restaurant chains. The most popular way of buying Green Mountain Coffee, though, is directly through the company web site, where they offer single orders or membership in a subscription club so that you never run out of your favorite coffees.

Of course, choosing those favorite coffees can be quite a chore thanks to the huge variety of coffees that are offered by the company. From single origin coffees to house blends to flavored coffees, Green Mountain literally offers a coffee that appeals to everyone – and if you’re not sure what you’ll like, you can always check out the Green Mountain list of best selling coffees of the previous week or the past year. Still not sure what you’d like? Here’s a list of the top five Green Mountain Coffees of all time.

Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade Wild Mountain Blueberry

Green Mountain Coffee’s Wild Mountain Blueberry coffee is a perennial bestseller, much to everyone’s surprise. Originally created as a seasonal summer blend, Wild Mountain Blueberry coffee surprised everyone by climbing to the top of the popularity scale – and staying there year round. Infused with the flavor of juicy, ripe blueberries and a hint of buttery smoothness, it’s an ideal coffee for breakfast or after dinner, and is just as tasty iced as it is hot.

Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend

Breakfast Blend is a Green Mountain Coffee Signature Blend, and their most popular unflavored blend. It’s a medium-bodied light roast with just enough acidic snap to make it the ideal morning coffee.

Green Mountain French Vanilla

Another favorite flavored coffee, French Vanilla is one of the most popular flavored coffees across the country. The Green Mountain version is light and naturally sweet with a creamy finish that lingers long enough to make it the perfect dessert coffee.

Green Mountain Dark Magic Extra Bold

For those that prefer a darker, richer, stronger coffee, Green Mountain Dark Magic Extra Bold is made to order. It’s blended especially for espresso, but makes a great after-dinner drip coffee, too.

Green Mountain Hazelnut Coffee

The third of the popular flavored coffees, Green Mountain Hazelnut coffee is nutty and slightly sweet with a hint of rich, creamy flavor. It’s another of the flavors that habitually make the top five favorite flavored coffees in just about any brand.

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