Gevalia Coffee Makers

Gevalai coffee makers are available as promotional items from the Gevalia Kaffe Company of Sweden. Gevalia, a highly regarded Swedish coffee company, developed a new marketing paradigm for gourmet coffee in the late 1980s. The company pioneered the mail subscription coffee service that is now used by other coffee companies, especially Keurig in conjunction with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.

At first, Gevalia developed promotional merchandise to offer as enticements to consumers in return for trying their coffee shipment subscription service. The merchandise varied from season to season, and one of the more popular promotional items available through Gevalia was the Gevalia coffee maker. The original Gevalia coffee maker was a standard 12 cup coffee maker with a cone shaped filter housing that fit standard Melitta coffee filter cones. Available in black or white, it was emblazoned with the Gevalia brand name and logo – a three pointed crown to indicate their royal status.

Over the years, Gevalia has offered many other promotional items, but the Gevalia coffee makers have remained among their most popular items. Eventually, in response to customer demand, the Gevalia company made their coffee makers and other promotional merchandise available for sale through a catalog. Gevalia thermal carafes, Gevalia coffee mugs, Gevalia vacuum coffee storage jars and Gevalia coffee makers in several different styles are available for order directly from the Gevalia coffee web site or through the Gevalia mail order catalog.

Gevalia coffee subscription service also is still available and more popular than ever, despite the fact that Europeans tend to find the coffee’s American popularity amusing. In Europe, the coffee is considered to be a supermarket brand, not top of the line gourmet coffee. The Swed have often counted it a mark of the undeveloped and unsophisticated American palate that we enjoy Gevalia coffee so much that we are willing to pay to have it shipped to us.

Gevalia coffee is available in many different roasts and flavors, custom ground to your preference or as whole beans. A minimum shipment of Gevalia coffee is generally 4 1/2 pound bags of coffee at a time, usually at a monthly or every six weeks frequency. The coffee is comparable to Green Mountain Roasters or Newman’s Own Organics coffee price wise, and tends to have a smooth, smoky finish even to the lighter roasts.

The Gevalia coffee maker range includes several different size and styles of Gevalia coffee makers, including a single cup automatic drip coffee maker and a Gevalia Brew and Go coffee maker that dispenses coffee directly into the included Gevalia travel cup. The Gevalia brand logo and name are on every Gevalia item sold, but Gevalia does not manufacture any of them. The company contracts with various other companies to produce the items, so the quality varies sometimes from excellent to serviceable.

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  1. Victor Levy says

    I was recently given a Gevalia CM 450 coffee maker and would like to know if has auto shut off and would like the instruction manual. I can not find it online.

  2. Jerry Hokenson says

    My wife just passed away on December 14th and she had a new coffee maker which poured from the handle by placing against a plate under the coffee pot and all she said befor passing on was (GEVALIA) so I have looked on your web site and have not seen it. The brand of coffee maker on the the coffee maker is BACK TO BASIC.
    I have several family members who would like this coffee maker.
    Please help me if you can.
    Thank you in advance.
    Jerry Hokenson

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