Gaggia 105399 for Illy Makes Great Tasting Espresso for Cheaper

The Gaggia 105399 for Illy espresso machine was the least expensive one out of many others I have owned over the years. Considering the great price, I was not sure of what to expect except for many good reviews and a fair list of features. After using the machine for the first time and multiple times a day for months now, I am convinced that this product offers greater value and more benefits than I expected from it.

Product Features

  • Capacity of 12 spent capsules
  • Steam wand for frothing
  • Steam controls and hot water dispenser
  • Programmable cup-volume setting
  • Makes a variety of beverages
  • Compatible with iperEpresso capsules

Gaggia 105399 for Illy espresso machine

After buying the Gaggia 105399 there were basic features that noticed immediately. There is a steaming wand to froth milk and make steam like the cafes. This was impressive to my guests when having entertaining friends. There is also a programmable cup-volume setting and this machine makes a variety of different beverages with milk.

When the espresso is too much like on a weekend I can also make tea with the Gaggio 105399. It is compatible with iperEspresso capsules and also acts as a hot water dispenser. This doubles in my household as a hot chocolate maker because it can make hot water in no time. I was also impressed because the frothing is creamy and smooth.
The Gaggia 105399 offers space for 12 spent capsules which will keep you from having too much to do. The water filtration system makes it easy to just insert a capsule from a wide selection of flavors then add tap water. This espresso machine is a makes high quality beverages and works fast like commercial-grade equipment.

The Gaggia 105399 for Illy vs. Expensive Models

Price: In terms of price, there is a better advantage for those with a limited budget because the Gaggia 105399 for Illy is affordable and is cost-effective with dedicated on and off settings. Spending more does not always mean getting more so having a machine that looks and functions like higher end models is a wiser choice.

Flavor: I have been a dedicated espresso drinker for years so my standards are quite high. The Gaggia 105399 for Illy machine does an immaculate job of extracting the flavor. It also makes brewing easier with a Mavea water filter to ensure great coffee flavors are in my cup and not the taste of the impurities tap water. There is a four-stage process that purifies and filters the water to reduce unwanted flavors.

Noise: I originally expected that I would have to deal with some noise or another to compromise for the great price of the Gaggia 105399 but to my surprise the operation was fairly quiet in comparison to my old espresso machines. This means that I will not have to feel bad about brewing in the early morning hours for fear of waking the entire house.

Final Recommendation for Buyers

The Gaggia 105399 is affordable in comparison to many other espresso machines and offers much more features than cheap ones. For coffee drinkers who also appreciate variety and great tasting beverages with milk or teas will appreciate this product. It is compact and black for a sophisticated look that will make a great addition to your kitchen.

Often times, paying more for an espresso machine does not always guarantee long term quality or reliability and smooth operations. If beneficial features like an advanced water filtration system, hot water dispenser, and steam wand built into the machine are good for you then the Gaggia 105399 will be too.


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