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Gaggia espresso machines bear one of the most recognized names in the coffee world. It was Achille Gaggia who patented the screw piston group that became the prototype for the modern espresso machine. The owner of a coffee bar, Gaggia had a good reason for being interested in the improvement of coffee making machines. After founding the Gaggia espresso machine company, Gaggia filed a number of other patents leading to improvements in coffee making and espresso machines.

Today’s Gaggia line ranges from the Gaggia Baby, a home espresso maker available in a wide range of colors to match your kitchen decor, to the Gaggia Classic, the most popular and enduring of all the Gaggia espresso machines. The Classic is so popular that it’s the machine that is most often seen in movies and television shows when there is an espresso machine on display. The Gaggia espresso machine line goes far beyond that, though, to fully automated Gaggia espresso machines that are capable of doing just about everything to your espresso but grow and roast the beans.

And the Gaggia line is synonymous with quality. Gaggia introduced the first non-steam espresso machine – that is, the first pump-driven espresso machine – in 1938. Since then, the company has delivered innovation and high quailty espresso machines for both the home market and the commercial cafe trade. In fact, Gaggia was the first company to cross the bridge from the commercial coffee market to make espresso machines for the home kitchen. There were Gaggia espresso machines suitable for home kitchen use as early as 1952 even though the first Baby Gaggia, made expressly for home use, wasn’t introduced until 1977.

The Baby Gaggia remains one of the most popular lines of espresso machines for the home kitchen – and Gaggia knows their home market well. They understand the importance of appearance to home users, and offer the Baby Gaggia espresso machines in white, ivory, red, black and brushed nickel. Of course, there’s more to Gaggia espresso machines than pretty colors. Like every other Gaggia coffee machine, the Baby shares some high quality features that are typically reserved for commercial machines. Those features include group heads made of solid marine brass, solid brass 58mm portafilters that weigh a full pound, and a heavy duty high capacity boiler that heats water to brewing temperature within five minutes.

The Gaggia espresso machine company also makes lower priced models expressly for home use. Those models include the Gaggia Espresso, which has all the quality internal workings that Gaggia is famous for, but cuts prices by using a plastic housing rather than a metal one. Gaggia also still manufactures the Gaggia Achille, a classic piston lever espresso machine very much like the ones that might have originally been manufactured by their namesake.

Gaggia Espresso Machines

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