Upscale, Low Price: Frigidaire Professional 12-cup coffee maker

I couldn’t say whether it was the sleek stainless design or the large LCD screen that first drew me to the Frigidaire Professional 12-cup coffee maker, but I’m glad the machine caught my eye, because I have been enjoying its features for well over a year now. It’s a particularly pleasant discovery to find a beautiful countertop appliance with functionality that surpasses its looks. The registered Professional® designation indicates that this machine is a constituent of Frigidaire’s upscale line of kitchen appliances, yet its price is still eminently reasonable, especially considering its lasting power.

Frigidaire Professional 12-cup coffee maker

Frigidaire Professional 12-cup coffee maker product feature:

  • 12-cup capacity
  • Stainless steel design
  • Adjustable coffee strength
  • Water purifying filter
  • PowerPlus® Brewing System
  • Pro-Select® LCD Display

Frigidaire has invested significant developmental research into the design of the Frigidaire Professional 12-cup coffee maker, as evidenced by the registered names of its various components. The Pro-Select® LCD screen which initially caught my eye serves as both a clock and a programming screen, making this machine easy to use due to the informational display (as opposed to models where I’ve found myself pushing buttons and guessing at whether I had accomplished my intentions). When it’s not in use as a mini computer-screen, the LCD display reverts to its default function as a digital clock display, and I’ll add that it’s the only one of the many appliance clocks in my kitchen which I can read before I put my glasses on.

Another proprietary feature of the Frigidaire Professional 12-cup coffee maker is the patented PowerPlus® Brewing System, which provides an evenly distributed spray of super-heated water over the ground coffee to bring out the most flavor. (Even without understanding all the nuances of coffee-making, it’s easy enough to picture how it would be more effective to “bathe” the coffee grounds—throughout the brewing basket—in hot water rather than having a directed stream of water hitting the same spot throughout the brewing process.)

More Features of the Frigidaire Professional 12-cup coffee maker:

  • Beeper indicates readiness
  • Water level indicator
  • Reusable metal filter
  • Programming for automatic brewing
  • Quick brewing time of approximately one minute per cup
  • Warming plate with adjustable automatic shut-off and adjustable temperature

The machine’s amazingly adjustable settings (made easy with the LCD programming screen) include customization of the brewing temperature and resulting coffee strength, the temperature of the warming plate, and the length of time for which that plate stays warm before the automatic shut-off feature kicks in. And of course, the Frigidaire Professional 12-cup coffee maker can be programmed for an automatic start at the designated time of your choosing, so you can enjoy waking to the aroma of fresh coffee and the gentle beeping alert that signals when the brewing is finished.

I feel compelled to return for a moment to the topic of the machine’s appearance, which first attracted my interest in this model. My kitchen has suffered the affront of tacky plastic coffee makers for years—some of them costing no less than the Frigidaire Professional 12-cup coffee maker!—but this stylish item is a truly classy addition to my kitchen. Its squared design gives it a sleek look enhanced substantially by its stainless steel composition. Honestly, it looks like an appliance out of a kitchen style magazine, and if I didn’t already know the price, I would never guess from its appearance how inexpensive it was. I love the look so much (and have been so consistently contented with its performance) that I’m investigating the option of working my way through my other countertop appliances to replace them with the Frigidaire Professional line as well.

In the meantime, I am enjoying my daily coffee, fine-tuned to the strength and temperature I prefer, and looking forward to many more years in the company of my Frigidaire Professional 12-cup coffee maker.

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