Flavored Coffee on the Cheap – How To Flavor Your Coffee

Flavored coffee has been around for centuries, but it’s really come into its own n the past couple of decades. There are many different ways to flavor coffee, including powdered creamers, syrups and liquid creamers – and of course, you can always buy flavored coffee right from the start. I’ve been a fan of French Vanilla and Hazelnut Cinnamon coffee nearly since the flavors were introduced as liquid creamers decades ago, but for the most part, I prefer my coffee on the liter side these days – that’s lite, not light. Heavy lipids and oils are not good to my diet, and I’m not wild about the powdered creamers, so I’d pretty much given up on any type of flavor that didn’t come directly from the coffee itself (New England Coffee – Blueberry Cobbler, for the win!). So when I happened to run across a mention of Flavour Creations coffee flavor tablets, I had to check them out.

Direct from the Flavour Creations Website

“Flavour Creations® Coffee Flavoring Tablets are a unique way to add flavoring to coffee or other hot beverages. Simply add one or more tablets to the beverage and stir to disperse the flavoring.”

The product is available in eight great tasting flavors; Almond Amaretto, Cinnamon Pecan, Dutch Chocolate, English Toffee, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Irish Creme and White Chocolate Raspberry.

Now mind you, I also happen to be a gadget lover. I LIKE trying new things. I’d never noticed these sitting on the shelves of my favorite supermarkets, though, so I figured I’d probably have to order through the distributor or petition my favorite store to carry them. Imagine my surprise when I was grocery shopping this afternoon and found a whole display devoted to several of the eight Flavour Creations. At $1.59 for a little tin containing 48 tablets (enough to flavor 48 6 ounce cups of coffee), I decided it was an inexpensive experiment. If they were as horrible as they could have been, I hadn’t even wasted the price of one Dunkin Donuts Turbo Large coffee. I picked Dutch Chocolate, dropped it into my shopping cart and took it on home.

According to the web site and the package blather, all you have to do is drop a single flavor tablet into a 6 ounce cup of hot coffee, give it a minute to steep, stir and enjoy. The tablets have no sweetener, no calories, no fat and no creamer, and they’re so low in carbs that the FDA allows the company to claim 0 carbs on the Nutrition Panel (that’s .5 gram per serving for those who are keeping count).

Once home, my inner impatient two year old demanded to try the chocolate NOW NOW NOW. I didn’t even bother brewing up a fresh pot of coffee. I happened to have a cold cup of this morning’s coffee – complete with cover, since it was takeout from the local coffee shop – sitting on my coffee table with just about twelve ounces left in it. The package directions did say that the tablets could be added to cold coffee as long as they were crushed first so… I ripped open the package and got ready to savor the delectable chocolaty flavor.

The tablets come in a very pretty little tin, not quite the size of a TiCTac container – perfect for tucking into a purse for carrying along. The tin is actually designed extremely well with a hinged lid that locks into place when closed. The inside of the lid has a sort of metal ‘pillow’ that serves to keep outside air out – and the rich aroma in. The one problem with the nice design is that It doesn’t open easily. Weak nails may just meet their match trying to pop the lid.

Each tablet is smaller than a typical aspirin, but larger than a saccharin tablet – the perfect size to drop into a takeout cup without removing the lid. I’d anticipated needing to use the old crush-the-aspirin-between-two-spoons trick to powder the tablets, but to my pleasant surprise, all it took was a light pinch between finger and thumb to turn the tablet into powder.

And the flavor? I love debunking things, so I really wished for just half a second that it tasted horrible, but the fact is the Dutch Chocolate flavor, at least, is pretty darn good. One tablet meant to flavor six ounces gave my twelve ounces Colombian coffee a rich, deep chocolaty flavor without any added sweetness. Even the aftertaste was pure chocolate. I can’t speak for any of the other flavors, since I only tried the Dutch Chocolate, but I fully intend to stock up on the others, and do a full flavor test.

Flavour Creations claim to be great for dieters and diabetics who enjoy flavored coffees, but are being careful of sugar, carbohydrate and fat intake. You’ll find more suggestions and recipes at www.flavourcreations.com Flavour Creations web site.


  1. Sheesh, I just spent $3.59 for one at my grocery store! But I found, after much experimenting, that they are the best way to flavor frothed milk, as long as you crush them for the cold milk.

  2. Hi, Joyce – I bought these at Stop & Shop back in August, and they weren’t on sale. I haven’t bought since, so I don’t know if the price did a sudden jump or if it’s a regional difference. Good luck finding them at a decent price!

  3. Hi,
    Wish this article had a date. I’d love to know where to buy Flavour Creations at $1.59! Just went up at my grocery to $2.49. Found your site while trying to get a better price online. Any suggestions?

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