Farberware FCP512S 12-Cup Cordless Percolator

“Excellent Coffee Anytime at your Convenience”

The Farberware FCP512S 12-Cup Cordless Percolator ensures that you have excellent coffee anytime you want. You can easily bring this coffee maker from your house to your office or if you have a weekend trip as it features a built in electrical cord at its base. This built in cord makes Farberware FCP512S 12-Cup Cordless Percolator more convenient for you to use, in addition to its accurate timer which can be easily set up.

To top it off, it has a built-in shut-off mechanism which automatically turns it off after 2 hours and you can also program its digital clock or timer into 24 hours. This feature makes the Farberware FCP512S 12-Cup Cordless Percolator your perfect companion during a particularly busy day which sometimes make you forget attending to small tasks such as unplugging your coffee maker.

Farberware FCP512S 12-Cup Cordless PercolatorThe design of the Farberware FCP512S 12-Cup Cordless Percolator is also very stylish. You can easily entertain guests by directly serving your coffee from the pot by just removing it from its cordless base. It looks a lot better too if compared to serving coffee to your guests by just using a carafe. The Farberware FCP512S 12-Cup Cordless Percolator conveniently brews coffee in just one minute per cup, quickly making 4-12 cups for your guests. This coffee maker is made of stainless steel that ensures that you will not have a metal taste to your coffee. The Farberware FCP512S 12-Cup Cordless Percolator also features a stay cool handle and just measures 9 x 9 14.5 inches. On top of that, it only weighs 3 pounds which makes it very convenient to carry around with you.

Together with Farberware FCP512S 12-Cup Cordless Percolator’s serving portability is its high polish finish and see-through top. Its cup measurements are also discreetly stamped on the container’s side. The Farberware FCP512S 12-Cup Cordless Percolator is like a combination of old and new coffee maker. It retains the classic function and design of a coffee maker with the new feature of programming your preferred brewing time within 24 hours.

Problems with the Farberware FCP512S 12-Cup Cordless Percolator

The common complaints on the Farberware FCP512S 12-Cup Cordless Percolator is its durability. Its buttons usually start to flake and eventually crack within just one year of use. Its glass bulb located at its top is also now made of plastic which breaks off easily. Serving coffee directly from its pot can be a bit slow and it sometimes gluts, making it tricky for you to pour coffee into your cup. It usually continues to work for more than a year but will look bad eventually.

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  1. susan says

    FCP512 Farberware programmable 2-12cup coffee pot.USED EXCELLENT condition…no instructions but easy to figure out i can write them out for you. Pictures upon request. Make Offer.


    I have a 46 year old Farberware 12 cup percolator. This model has a stone sleeve on the center stem and mine is cracked. How can I find a replacement.

  3. linda says

    I seek the plastic/glass top of the FCP512 model.The sites that lead me on then later note that the top they sell is not compatible with this model. Even the 888 to Faberware didn’t get me the top for the cordless perk. thanks

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