Farberware FCP240 Electric Percolator

Coffee Just like Grandma Used to Make

In the old days, making a cup of great tasting brewed coffee only requires a gadget called a percolator. And thanks to the Farberware FCP240 Electric Percolator, you can now enjoy coffee the traditional way.

For some coffee lovers, brewing coffee using a percolator will result to better tasting coffee. According to them, the process prevents the coffee flavonoids and natural oils from being lost. This is what usually happens with drip coffees that employs the use of filters. And so, you will notice how different coffee tastes with the Farberware FCP240 Electric Percolator.

Farberware FCP240 Electric Percolator

Aside from the unique taste, you will also be delighted with its classic design. The Farberware FCP240 Electric Percolator comes in a stainless steel finish, which makes it quite elegant. And because of its detachable cord, there is no need for you to transfer coffee into another pot. You can use the Farberware FCP240 Electric Percolator to serve coffee to your guests directly. This coffee percolator also features rolled edges, a “stay cool” handle and cover knob that prevents users from being scalded by the hot coffee.

When it comes to speed, the coffee percolator beats out the drip coffee makers. The Farberware FCP240 Electric Percolator is quite proud of its cup-a-minute speed feature. It brews coffee almost instantly and in no time at all, you are enjoying a fresh cup of rich and smooth coffee.

Keeping your coffee hot is also not a problem with the Farberware FCP240 Electric Percolator’s automatic “keep warm” feature. As soon as it finishes brewing your coffee, it quickly switches to this mode. For most coffee lovers, this feature is certainly an advantage especially if you are planning on drinking cup after cup of rich coffee while going through the Sunday paper.

Cleaning the Farberware FCP240 Electric Percolator is not at all difficult. You can choose to rinse it and wipe it dry afterwards. For coffee bean stains or buildup, you can always choose to use a percolator cleaner, which is available in most groceries. Other than that, you will enjoy many years of flavorful coffee with this particular percolator.

Problems with the Farberware FCP240 Electric Percolator
If you are always forgetting to turn off your coffee maker before leaving your home, you will find the “keep warm” feature to be troublesome. You can remedy this problem by unplugging your Farberware FCP240 Electric Percolator immediately after you have finished brewing your coffee. If not, you will find yourself being greeted with the smell of burnt coffee when you arrive home from work.