Count On The Espressione 1332-A Café Charme Espresso/Cappuccino Machine For Quality

I purchased my Espressione 1332-A Café Charme Espresso/Cappuccino Machine a few years back and have not been disappointed a day since then. The Espressione 1332-A Café Charme has provided nothing but lop of the line performance and quality espressos and cappuccinos since the very first time that we tried it. From the moment we brought it home from the store I knew our family had made a good investment. There are so many different features to love about the Espressione 1332-A Café Charme that I do not even know where to begin to start praising it.

Espressione 1332-A Café Charme Espresso/Cappuccino Machine

Espressione 1332-A Product Features:

  • Fifteen bars of pressure for the pump
  • Safety valve and self-primer included
  • Reservoir holds up to one liter
  • Accessories like measuring spoon, cup warmer, and removable drip tray
  • One year limited warranty with purchase

The outer casing is easy to clean and easy on the eyes. I do not have to spend hours scrubbing it to keep it clean. The design is sleek, smart, and efficient. I love that the whole machine is easy to keep clean. From the drip tray to the reservoir, all parts included with the cappuccino machine are easy to remove, easy to clean, and made from quality materials.

I love that the Espressione 1332-A comes with a one year limited warranty. I did not need to use my warranty because my espresso machine worked like a charm, but it was a comfort to know that it was there as an option. I could not believe the low cost of this espresso and cappuccino maker. I ended up saving myself a lot of money by cutting down on the times that I purchase coffee from a gourmet coffee shop. My machine provides coffee, espressos, and cappuccinos that are of the same quality without me having to wait in a twenty minute line to overpay. I get all of the things I love about gourmet coffee without all of the things I hate about gourmet coffee shops.

The steam control is adjustable which allows me to make my espressos and cappuccinos the way that I want them. I also love that I can customize the strength of my brew. The amount of control and power that this model provides me with almost goes to my head and I forget that I am not the King, but simple a jester in my wife’s court. I also love how quickly the Espressione 1332-A Café Charme Espresso/Cappuccino Machine produces a cup. I do not have to stand impatiently waiting for my espresso to finish. My espresso is waiting on me. I also love how the espresso machine compliments my kitchen décor. Instead of standing out like a sore thumb, this espresso machine looks like it has always belonged in my kitchen. The modern design is simply a marvel.

I highly recommend this machine to anyone who loves European style coffee. The amount of power behind this machine is nothing less than impressive. It provides thick cream that you are sure to take delight in. The frother does make a lot of noise when making cream so do not try to use this model in the dead of night. There is no such thing as sneaking an espresso in the middle of the night with this model. That is the only thing I could possibly complain about when it comes to this model. It is made with the highest quality materials and provides coffee that meets the same standard. Anyone who loves a good cup of joe should buy this model.

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