Good Coffee in the Camper – Elite Cuisine Maximatic EHC-2022

My parents own a small motor home that they use to travel across the country. Their camper has everything except space for appliances. More importantly, when you are traveling you have to be able to store your appliances so that they don’t fly off the counter becoming activated missiles. Whoever designed the Maxi-Matic EHC-2022 coffee maker must have traveled in a camper! It is absolutely the perfect size to fit in the cupboards and on the counter or table.

Elite Cuisine Maxi-Matic EHC-2022 coffee maker product features

Elite Cuisine Maxi-Matic EHC-2022 coffee maker product features:

  • 4-Cup capacity
  • Clear Water Level Indicator
  • Pause & Serve without drips
  • Paperless Filter
  • Dishwasher Safe Removable basket
  • Compact Size for Small Space Use


My parents usually only have a cup of coffee each in the morning and then another in the afternoon. The small size of the Maxi-Matic EHC-2022 coffee maker fits both their needs and their camper’s cabinet space. My mother was using one of those old-fashioned percolators that go on top of the stove and sputter as the coffee bubbles out of the spout. She would never have spent the money on an electric coffee maker since she didn’t “need” it. Now that she has it she just loves it!

One of the things that she really loves best is that it has the paperless filter – just like a percolator. The difference is that it is big enough for her and my dad to get the coffee into without having that center hole fill up with grinds. And, my mom says that she takes the basket and filter out and washes them both in her little sink with no problem. It must have been a woman who designed the Elite Cuisine EHC2022 coffee maker because it is so easy to clean. When they get to a family members house – like mine – she brings her coffee maker in and pops the carafe, basket and filter into the dishwasher. I was amazed at how small the entire unit is. It is just plain cute.

In case you don’t know it, the sinks in campers are very shallow. This means that the faucet is close to the dishes when you are washing and because the faucet is a special sized item, it is very expensive to replace. Trying to fill a 12-cp coffee carafe with water to the top limit is impossible. The small pot size easily goes beneath the faucet and comes out full. The footprint of the entire Elite Cuisine EHC2022 coffee maker is small enough to fit on the counter of the camper without hogging space needed to prepare food. And, this size is perfect for going above or below the sink in the camper cabinets.

My dad is the impatient kind of man who wants his coffee “now”. He loves the new electric coffee maker. The pause & serve feature on the coffee maker allows him to feed his passion without my mom getting upset about. This was something he could never do with the old percolator. It is easy to remove the pot and pour the first cup without it dripping on the warmer plate while you sneak that first cup. Mom thought the coffee maker was leaking or something – until she caught the thief in the act!

When I bought the Maxi-Matic EHC-2022 for my parents, I wasn’t sure that they’d even use it. It didn’t cost me much at all. I didn’t know if it would work like their pot at home because I had never used this brand. It was a gamble no matter how I looked at it. I only wish all my gambles on the lottery would work out this well. They use it every day and after seeing it, I’m getting one for my traveling, too!

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