Eliminate Morning Headaches with the Espressione CM-475 Digital Coffee Maker

After much debating, my family and I finally decided to try the Espressione CM-475 digital coffee maker to replace our older and much more expensive model. Initially, I wanted to find another pricey product that will last for many years but after paying a high price for a faulty model that only lasted a few months, I decided to find a more affordable machine. The Espressione CM-475 coffee maker has proven to be reliable so far and also looks great on my kitchen counter. Here are some great reasons to love this product and what minor issues may arise during use.

Espressione CM-475 Digital Coffee Machine
Product Features

  • Capacity of 10-cups
  • Stylish design with stainless steel body
  • Removable water tank
  • Water filter built-in
  • Programmable timer with 24-hour option
  • AccuFlavor selector offers customization


The Espressione CM-475 coffee maker not only looks sleek and sophisticated but it also offers great features like a removable water tank. This helps make refilling easy but also when it comes time to clean out the reservoir. My older machine did not offer a detachable tank and required me to hold the entire body to clean it.
Another plus is the built-in water filter because often times I forget to restock on disposables and cannot have coffee that particular morning. But with the Espressione CM-475, I will never have this problem. I have also noticed that I have saved almost the same amount in filters as I paid for this product.

Other Reasons to Choose the Espressione CM-475 Digital Coffee Maker

One unique feature that I have not seen many models have is the AccuFlavor selector offered on the Espressione CM-475 coffee maker. It allows each member in my family to customize their own brew according to their preferences. I no longer have to hear any complaints about one thing or another because this machine has it all.

Minor Issues with the Espressione CM-475 Digital Coffee Maker

After using the Espressione CM-475 coffeemaker for a few months now, there have been a few minor issues to report. The first is the built-in filter because of the placement requirement. For the first few weeks, I didn’t notice that the filter was shifted to one side which caused leaks during brewing. Since I readjusted it after discovering the problem, there have been no leaks since then.

Another minor flaw that I have experienced with the Espressione CM-475 is when I don’t ground my coffee beans fine enough. There has been a few times where the granules have gotten stuck in the stop valve because of size. After realizing that this causes the filter to overflow, I am now extremely careful when grinding my beans.

Eliminate the Morning Blues with the Espressione CM-475 Coffee Maker

My ultimate favorite feature about the Espressione CM-475 coffee maker is the programmable timer. Each night before bed I preset the machine to brew at the same time our household wakes up. By the time we are done getting ready to head out, there is fresh coffee waiting. This is a huge benefit because grumpy mornings are virtually non-existent with this intelligent product. Aside from having efficient settings like a 24-hour timer, the Espressione CM-475 coffeemaker also makes the morning blues easier to deal with because it works fast.

On occasion I may forget to preset the brew for the morning so in the event I have to start a manual brew, the process will still be quick. I have done this many times and haven’t noticed any compromise in terms of taste so far. Overall, considering the affordable price when compared to expensive models and the many features available, I am happy with my choice to buy the Espressione CM-475 coffeemaker.


  1. I have the Expressione coffee maker. It stopped working and I cannot find how to contact them to see if I can get it repaired. Do you know how to get in touch with them?

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