Achieve Utter Satisfaction with DeLonghi’s Kmix Drip Coffee Maker

I consider myself a fairly experienced coffee drinker who has had my fair share of coffee makers throughout the years but now that I found the DeLonghi Kmix drip coffee maker, I no longer browse through high-end models. Most expensive machines offer various options or different features in order to justify the price. The DeLonghi Kmix DCM04 is far better than the ones I have compared it with before buying. Not only is the price more than affordable but it offers equal and better benefits.

DeLonghi Kmix Drip Coffee Maker DCM04

DeLonghi Kmix DCM04 Details & Features

  • Capacity of up to 10 cups
  • Durable materials and expert design
  • Includes professional quality gold filter
  • Made to last with exterior of die-cast aluminum
  • Stylish and choice of 8 colors for beautiful decor

The first detail I noticed is the overall appearance of the DeLonghi Kmix drip coffee maker. The die-cast aluminum exterior is sure to outlast countless other models and it is also extremely easy to wipe clean without special formulas or excessive scrubbing. Another plus in terms of appearance is the available options for color. Just a few include blue, yellow, green and white but I chose my absolute favorite color, pink. Most coffeemakers with color often look tacky but the overall style of the DeLonghi Kmix DCM04 Drip Coffee Maker only enhances the overall décor of my kitchen.

I use the DeLonghi Kmix DCM04 every morning but it is also quite helpful when having guests over for dinner. The 10 cup capacity allows me to brew a pot and continue to serve for quite a few hours later. This means I don’t have to be the dinner host who spends a majority of the time in the kitchen. With just a few simple touches, I can return to my guests and enjoy the evening to the fullest.

Versatile Reasons to Love the DeLonghi Kmix DCM04

In addition to the 10-cup capacity, the DeLonghi Kmix DCM04 also includes an integrated warmer for cups. This helps to keep the coffee fresh and warm for my next sip. A truly versatile machine will take care of itself when the user is not able to. Another bonus of having the DeLonghi Kmix DCM04 drip coffee maker is that I can leave the house and not have to worry about forgetting to turn it off. The automatic shutoff feature will turn off the machine within 2 hours of idling.

How the DeLonghi Kmix DCM04WH Starts Off My Day Right

Each morning I wake up for another grueling day at work I definitely need a great cup of coffee to start my day properly. The DeLonghi Kmix DCM04 does a perfect job of assisting with this task because it is so simple to operate. The simple on and off switch contribute to easy and convenient operation. It is also painless to refill and pour out water with the top lid that flips open.

On most mornings, the DeLonghi Kmix DCM04 works faster and is finished brewing the coffee before I am ready to settle down and enjoy it. Luckily, the cup warmer takes care of this problem and ensures freshness for hours. Most machines may have preheating settings or features but the Kmix DCM04 doesn’t need it because the warmer takes care of it.

An Honest Recommendation for Other Coffee Drinkers

With a far cheaper price than similar models, there is high-quality with fast operation. Other factors such as minimal cleaning and different color options are also an enjoyable luxury. For coffee drinkers out there looking for a reasonable price with remarkable quality then I would honestly recommend that they try the DeLonghi Kmix DCM04 drip coffee maker.


  1. Apart from the incredible design of the DeLonghi Kmix DCM04, what I like the most about this coffee maker is the coffee it makes! Another good thing is that it operates very fast. The only problem I have found is that – as a result of working so fast – the cups don’t have time to warm up properly in the integrated cup warmer

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