DeLonghi EN670 Nespresso Lattissima Single Serve Espresso Maker

Coffee Brewer Overview:

Manufactured by DeLonghi, the new DeLonghi EN670 Nespresso Lattissima Single Serve Espresso Maker gives high versatility in providing varied range of coffee beverages that suit your taste. The Patented IFD system delivers delicious coffee with the option to choose your favorite cream quantity. The Nespresso Capsules provided guarantees you the dominion of all parameters that are absolutely necessary for that perfect cup of espresso coffee. The coffee machine is quite compact in construction taking very little floor space; you will hardly find its presence.

Features of the Coffee Maker:
DeLonghi EN670 Nespresso Lattissima Single Serve Espresso Maker

1. The Capsule System:

The attractive feature of the machine is the availability of capsules that provide the required flavor. This new system is really an ease to use. The Capsules are automatically ejected after use and are collected in a separate tank for removal later, a quite helpful system preventing you from spending more time on removing the capsules.

2. Automatic Dispensing:

The dispensing of coffee in the Delonghi EN670 Nespresso Lattissima is completely automated and the array of illuminated keys with automatic control helps you work with ease. The touch of a button provides you the desired beverage in a simple and intuitive way.

3. Memory Function:

No worries if you want your favorite drink with the prescribed amount of aroma and cream as you need again and again. Do it the first time, the machine has the inbuilt capability of memorizing your taste. The quantity variation of the milk and coffee can be programmed and memorized in the machine. The memorized function enables you to get the coffee of your taste at just one press of a button. That’s really easy.

4. Adjustable and Detachable Drip tray:

The adjustable drip tray enables the machine to handle varied shapes of coffee cups and glasses. An easy detaching mechanism enables the removal of the drip tray for cleaning.

5. Detachable Milk Carafe:

The 0.5 Liter Milk Carafe is easily detachable and can be placed in the fridge after use in the machine saving you milk for the next use. The milk carafe is also designed for easy cleaning.

Additional Features:

DeLonghi EN670 Nespresso Lattissima Single Serve Espresso Maker

The DELONGHI EN670 NESPRESSO LATTISSIMA is equipped with two thermo block heating elements, again a plus in its class. This aids in delivering the beverage at a lesser time as compared to its near competitors. The machine is equipped with a 19 bar pressure pump, the best among its class, helps in extracting the flavor from the capsule with ease. The removable water tank of 1.2L capacity with a water level indicator will ensure that you notice the availability of water before you switch on the machine. The added feature of the machine is the “Energy saving” function that enables the machine to use only minimal energy for every cup of coffee you make. A great addition for energy conscious user.

Ease of Use, Cleaning and Maintenance:

Versatile and illuminated keys provide ease of use of the machine. The drip tray is amply placed for easy accessibility and removal of the Cup. The ease of cleaning can be rated a good. A self-cleaning method for the milk carafe is an added advantage. Just a touch of a button and the milk carafe is cleaned, though you need to dispense out the cleaned water. Apart from this the machine requires manual intervention in cleaning most of the other parts from the drip tray to the water tank. Regular intervals of cleaning are required to prevent scale formation in the water tank.

Problems, Issues and Conundrums with the DeLonghi EN670 Nespresso Lattissima:

The common complaint for nearly all customers of the machine is that the machine tends to drip after the cup is removed. This can turn out to be messy at times during removal of the drip tray. Some others conveyed that the milk carafe is not quite air tight and tends to turn the milk sour, even in the fridge. The running cost of the machine is quite high due to the capsules and keep in mind that there is a lead time for the capsules. You need to maintain adequate stock before you order for the next set of capsules.

On a scale of 1-10 and personally:

I would rate the machine a 7 on a scale of 10. The compactness and the ease of use are really the best parts of the machine. The running costs and the dependency on the capsules are a bit worrying factors that need to be taken into consideration when buying this coffee maker.

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  1. Neil says

    I had a Nespresso once. Knew the capsules were expensive, but saw some YouTube videos on refilling them and covering with tin foil, and then reusing. Turned out to be too much of a pain to do that, and capsules ended up costing the same as getting a shot at Starbucks!! So I sold the machine. Got a regular DeLonghi espresso machine, and have been quite happy with it for several years. But I guess if you’re rich this might be a good machine to use on your yacht or something. Or if you only drink espresso once in a while.

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