Delonghi DCF6212TTC 12 Cup Programmable Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

I’ve got a cramped kitchen area in the office so anything I can do to save me having to shift things around when refilling the coffee maker is going to be of interest. The Delonghi DCF6212TTC 12 Cup Programmable Automatic Drip Coffee Maker Product has a front-loading setup, so after yet another round of water spillages and dancing round the counter I decided that was enough for me to warrant getting one.

I have to admit I first noticed the Delonghi DCF6212TTC Drip Coffee Maker for its looks. It looks the business with a lovely gleaming brushed metal front and it just looks good and sturdy. I also love that I don’t have to wait for the whole load to finish brewing – it can cope with me snagging a cup without dripping all over the hot plate.

Delonghi DCF6212TTC 12 Cup Programmable Automatic Drip Coffee Maker – You'll never need to move your coffee maker again

Delonghi DCF6212TTC Product Features:

  • Convenient cord storage
  • Easy to clean-up with a non-stick warming plate.
  • Easy-to-Read blue backlit display.
  • Enjoy a cup before the full pot is brewed with convenient pause & serve function

The cup storage tray on the coffee maker is a nice touch too. It’s big enough to cope with what we need without feeling like there’s a risk of them all getting knocked off with a sudden movement. It all goes to contribute to the sense of reliability this machine gives off. Maybe it’s the retro feel of all that metal.
The coffee maker doesn’t have a cut-off on its plate which helps.

There’s nothing worse than coming back to cold coffee, but even if I do switch it off with coffee still in the pot, the double walled carafe retains its heat really nicely. It was a nice surprise to find the thermal carafe actually worked as well as looking good, so there’s more leeway with this model than there are with some others out there.

The controls are pretty simple to get to grips with too. With the Delonghi 12 Cup Programmable Automatic Drip Coffee Maker I have a twenty four hour programmable setting, so as long as I remember to set it up at the end of the day before heading home I’m consistently getting in to work and being greeted by the smell of fresh coffee.

The trays on the Coffee Maker also have a nice smooth action when I open them up – I’ve not had anything jam or stick while replacing the grounds or topping up the tank. I’ve also found that the casing doesn’t get as hot as I thought it might so there’s some good insulation on it too. There are a lot of simple ideas that have gone into the design of the Delonghi DCF6212TTC Automatic Drip Coffee Maker. Some of them, like the filtration unit, wouldn’t be out of place on something far bigger and more expensive so I’m definitely counting this as a good little investment for the office.

So, would I recommend this to anyone? If you’re short on space and want something that just reliably churns out pot after pot of good coffee with a minimum of fuss and attention, then yes. It won’t make anything particularly fancy, but you won’t feel like you’re getting short-changed either – and the coffee really is delicious. I’ve known more expensive machines that were more awkward to maintain and yet managed to produce inconsistent or just plain burned coffee. No problems like that here. Even the storage drums stow away neatly.

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